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Broomsticks Over Flaxborough epub ebook

by Colin Watson

Broomsticks Over Flaxborough epub ebook

Author: Colin Watson
Language: English
Publisher: Faber and Faber; First Thus Used edition (July 20, 2011)
Pages: 190 pages
ISBN: 0571254144
ISBN13: 978-0571254149
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 677
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Онлайн библиотека КнигоГид непременно порадует читателей текстами иностранных и российских писателей, а также гигантским выбором классических и современных произведений. Все, что Вам необходимо - это найти по аннотации, названию или автору отвечающую Вашим требованиям.

Broomsticks Over Flaxborough. Book 7 in the Flaxborough series with Inspector Purbright. The bearded man wore a mask over the upper part of his face. The mask was made of a soft velvety material neatly hemmed around the contours of nose and cheeks

Broomsticks Over Flaxborough. Chapter One. Naked as on the day she was born, save for a double-looped string of amber beads and a pair of harlequin-framed spectacles, Mrs Flora Pentatuke, of 33 Partney Avenue, Flaxborough, leaped nimbly over the embers of the fire. The mask was made of a soft velvety material neatly hemmed around the contours of nose and cheeks. A bag of the same material was slung under his belly, with the purpose, presumably, of preserving modesty rather than anonymity.

Broomsticks Over Flaxborough book.

Flaxborough is Colin Watson's quiet English town whose outward respectability masks a seething pottage of greed . Rarely have I enjoyed a book that gave me so many mixed feelings, but this one I did - eventhough

Flaxborough is Colin Watson's quiet English town whose outward respectability masks a seething pottage of greed, crime and vice. Mr Watson wields a delightfully witty pen dripped in acid. Rarely have I enjoyed a book that gave me so many mixed feelings, but this one I did - eventhough. The story is well written, the people set well, just enough to make me wonder when it's supposed to be set. I think it's the late 60s, but as in all good books there are many pointers to earlier generations. 1972) (Kissing Covens) (The seventh book in the Flaxborough series) A novel by Colin Watson. Similar books by other authors.

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Broomsticks Over Flaxborough (Modern Fiction). Author:Watson, Colin. We appreciate the impact a good book can have

Broomsticks Over Flaxborough (Modern Fiction). We appreciate the impact a good book can have. We all like the idea of saving a bit of cash, so when we found out how many good quality used books are out there - we just had to let you know! Read full description. See details and exclusions. Broomsticks Over Flaxborough by Colin Watson (Paperback, 1991). Pre-owned: lowest price.

She pranced towards the edge of the clearing, swerved and came back for another fire vault. Her hands moved in gestures of sinuous supplication... Then Mrs Pentatuke would halt on tiptoe, shut tight her eyes behind the bejewelled glasses, and cry in a rich tenor: "O mighty spirit! We are thine! Amen evil from us deliver but!" 'It is the eve of Saint Walpurga and the respectable housewives of Flaxborough are dancing naked around fires. It is also brought to Inspector Purbright's attention that there are darker forces at work. This includes reports of Satanism, cult sacrifice and black magic, as well as the vicious ritual killing that shocks the town. Is there a practitioner of the dark arts in Flaxborough or is that just a smokescreen for a mere murder? Broomsticks over Flaxborough is the seventh in Colin Watson's 'Flaxborough chronicles'. First published in 1972 it was described by Julian Symons as having 'all the virtues one looks for in a crime novel.'
Reviews (7)
I don't expect much from Collin Watson, especially not at 99 cents. His mysteries are interesting enough, if somewhat affected. But this one was essentially unreadable. It begins with an interminable description of middle aged Satanists frolicking around in the nude and their knickers. That's followed up with an equally interminable interlude of laundry detergent merchandisers spouting ad-speak jargon. By the time you wade through all this, you're half way to the end of the thing and tired of the whole thing.

There's a little less attention paid to plot in this one, but the usual brilliantly entertaining wit, along with evidence that the author did some actual research on witchcraft.

To me, Watson's books are a nice combination of a Christie cozy and a Wodehouse farce, with some naughty bits that would have embarrassed Christie and Wodehouse, both. This one ain't Christie. If you enjoy Watson's writing style (as I do), go ahead. If you're looking for a puzzle to solve, you'll be disappointed.

I was disappointed at the gratuitous eroticism in this one. Borders on soft porn. I was also quite unhappy with an entire chapter devoted to the Lucillite people speaking in advertising jargon; it was pointless. Quite a letdown for me after reading 'Coffin Slightly Used'.

Dry English humor at its best. A real puzzle, with the real answer carefully hidden from sight...yet right there for the unraveling. Colin Watson has immediately become one of my favorite authors.

Colin Watson has created a series that is full of memorable and often ludicrous characters, bizarre situations and wry, acidic humor. A beautifully written and genuine murder mystery from a simpler time before computers and cell phones. Delightful!

Well worth the time it took to read it. Very entertaining.

Very funny ! Colin Watson was a real wordsmith. I hope to read all his Flaxborough novels eventually.

There are a group of people in Flaxborough who consider themselves witches and warlocks (but are probably in reality just wanting to have regular orgies) under the guise of a folklore society...

When a couple of schoolboys find an abandoned vehicle with womens' clothing inside they anonymously call the police. What is discovered is that the car belongs to a missing woman and during the investigation it is discovered that this woman was the mistress of a Mr. Persimmons, who has also become missing. At first the police simply think that they have run away together, but then the body of Mr. Persimmon is discovered and a mysterious mask washes up in the river that makes DI Purbright rethink his initial conclusion...

A local reverend calls the police because there have been desecrations in his church and when they arrive they find odd things - corpses of a frog, a mouse, and what appears to be an effigy of the poor reverend. They also discover that the reverend is part of group of four men who are concerned with the seemingly satanic worshippers and trying to help those that have been affected.

But it is from an unlikely source - one of a group of women who are working for a company promoting "Lucillite" - a product that makes your wash the brightest it's ever been - that gives them the break they have been looking for and it's not too long after that, with the help of intrepid Sergeant Love, that Purbright is able to put the clues together and find the truth of the matter..

Again we visit the village of Flaxborough where this time the mysterious goings on of a group of devil worshippers is about to be discovered. It is only when a young woman disappears and the body of a man is discovered that brings things to the attention of the police, and their activities are about to be laid bare for all of England to see.

Purbright delights me. He is an intelligent man who, with the help of his faithful Sergeant Sid Love and his other officers, manages to glean bits and pieces of information and put them together in a truly impressive manner. This time out they are searching for a coven that has apparently committed murder and are brazen enough to believe they can get away with it. Unfortunately, they don't count on the resolute DI Purbright, who is as good a detective as they come.

It is indeed a pleasure reading about the investigation and how thorough Purbright's crew is; at the end he masterfully creates what is nothing more than a coordinated raid on some of them to bring out the murderer into the open, and I was truly surprised by the result. It is always satisfying to see the unexpected become the truth.

When the book was finished and everything came together nicely, the tale was absorbing and written well; my only disappointment is that the author is deceased and when I am done with the series there will be no more. Highly recommended.

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