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Cobalt epub ebook

by Nathan Aldyne

Cobalt epub ebook

Author: Nathan Aldyne
Category: Mystery
Language: English
Publisher: Ballantine Books (December 12, 1985)
ISBN: 0345327055
ISBN13: 978-0345327055
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 825
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by Nathan Aldyne (Author).

Provincetown makes for a great setting, and the mystery involving secret trysts, drugs, drag, and bodies on the beach and poolside makes for a cheeky, wild ride full of humor and sunshine.

When they had hurried out, fearful of their safety, Clarisse turned the OPEN sign to CLOSED and ran across the way. Valentine was just plugging in his cash register. Valentine was just plugging in his cash register u told Beatrice, she said evenly. I had to tell her something. Now she wants me to manage a branch store in Boston. Can you imagine? The Boston Guardians of Taste will throw bricks through the window. Then turn down the offer. Tell her you’re going to be too busy with your first year at Portia La. .

Read Cobalt, by Nathan Aldyne online on Bookmate – Daniel and Clarisse are summering in Provincetown (he is tending bar and she working at a gift shop) when Clarisse discovers Jeffs body on a beach. Daniel and Clarisse are summering in Provincetown (he is tending bar and she working at a gift shop) when Clarisse discovers Jeffs body on a beach. Cobalt is the color of Jeffs arresting eyes, and those eyes have made him both a lot of friends and quite a few enemies. Which of these killed him? Thriller & Crime. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Cobalt by Nathan Aldyne and Publisher Felony & Mayhem Press. Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9781937384876, 193738487X. The print version of this textbook is ISBN: 9781937384869, 1937384861. Publisher: Felony & Mayhem Press. Print ISBN: 9781937384869, 1937384861.

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Gay bartender Daniel Valentine and his female sidekick, Clarissa Lovelace, set out to unravel a series of murders at the fashionable gay resort of Provincetown on Cape Cod
Reviews (5)
When these books first came out (80's) I do not remember there being a lot in this particular genre (except for the Brandstetter mysteries - which were much more serious.) Now these humorous gay detective stories seem to be everywhere, but the ones I've read come nowhere close to these gems.
Cobalt is the second of 4. The others are Vermillion, Slate and Canary. (Actually, they could almost be the titles of Pet Shop Boys albums ...) Anyway, the Boston/P-town settings are great, the Daniel & Clarisse team is hysterical, the stories solid, and the 80's period --once current with the first publication -- is sweetly nostalgiac.
If you want a good, light, comic romp .. get these books. And hold onto them .. they come and go quickly from print.

Reading this book made me realize I'm really getting old, and feeling it. I have a high opinion of Michael McDowell's writing, especially his two gothic horror tales The Elementals and Cold Moon Over Babylon (as well as Blackwater.) I still thought the writing in this book was good, but I found the leading characters somewhat tiresome, especially the woman, who I thought was immature, self-centered and unlikeable. The mystery was okay and I'm sure I would have found the whole thing more entertaining (there are some clever witticisms) back in 1982 when it was written. Now the whole jump-into-bed-with-any-hot-man-around atmosphere is chilling, knowing that AIDS was on the horizon and hit towns like "P-town" pretty hard.

Excellent second book of the Dan Valentine/Clarisse Lovelace series. Valentine is a gay bartender in Provincetown for the summer. (PTown is a VERY gay town in the summer) His best friend Clarisse Lovelace joins him there. They plan to have a nice fun summer there. However people they know start to get murdered and Valentine and Lovelace try to find out who the killer is. Just hysterical. The book reads very quickly and is full of one-liners and characters that had me laughing out loud. The mystery is also very well-done with clues and corpses piling up. Aldyne perfectly captures the feeling of PTown in the summer. This was written in 1982 before we knew about AIDS so the gay men here are very sexually active (but the book isn't explicit). I've read this book at least 5 or 6 times over the years and laugh out loud at it every time. Author Nathan Aldyne is actually two gay men--Michael McDowell and Dennis Schuetz. Sadly Schuetz died of AIDS in 1989 and I believe McDowell passed away just a few years ago. They only wrote four books for this series. All of them are fun but this is easily the best. Perfect beach reading! Highly recommended.

in waiting
There's nothing like finishing a great book and knowing there's a sequel, so you can dive back in for another adventure. There's E. F. Benson's "Mapp and Lucia," Wodehouse's Jeeves series, and "Nathan Aldyne"'s Blues ("Cobalt," "Slate," "Vermillion").
Unfortunately the series has come to an end, as "Nathan Aldyne" was two people, and one has died. But if you haven't read these books, you're in for some great fun. These are, I believe, the best gay detective novels ever written. They are wonderful, exciting, witty books to be put on your "Classic Gay Literature" shelf next to David Sedaris and Joe Keenan.

A scintilating story of the commings and goings on of P-Town in the heat of summer. Daniel Valentine and his ever indulgent side kick Clarisse Lovelace spy up and down Commercial street looking for bits of evidence to pull together the mysterious deaths of some summer visitors. Delve into the dark smokey bars along the waterfront and ride the coaster to the end, when you'll need to pick up the rest of the series..Check out the Grant Michaels (author) Stan Kraychik mysteries if you like this one.

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