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Science, Fantasy

Intrigues: The Collegium Chronicles (Valdemar Series) epub ebook

by Nick Podehl,Mercedes Lackey

Intrigues: The Collegium Chronicles (Valdemar Series) epub ebook

Author: Nick Podehl,Mercedes Lackey
Category: Fantasy
Language: English
Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Library edition (October 5, 2010)
ISBN: 1423308034
ISBN13: 978-1423308034
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 174
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Intrigues: Book Two of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel) . Lackey can get a little fuzzy with the continuity, but when she is on it, she right ON it.

Intrigues: Book Two of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel) (Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles). Mercedes Lackey is the author of the Valdemar series, including Take a Thief and Exile's Honor. She is the coauthor, with Andre Norton, of the Halfblood Chronicles, including Elvenborn. Some of her other novels include The Gates of Sleep, Sacred Ground, The Firebird, The Black Swan, and The Serpent's Shadow.

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Слушайте Intrigues (автор: Mercedes Lackey, Nick Podehl) . Halfblood Chronicles. Take a Thief: A Novel of Valdemar. Foundation: The Collegium Chronicles.

Слушайте Intrigues (автор: Mercedes Lackey, Nick Podehl) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода. Слушайте аудиокниги без ограничений в веб-браузере или на устройствах iPad, iPhone и Android. Exile's Valor: A Novel of Valdemar. Похоже на Аудиокниги. carousel previous carousel next. Changes: Volume Three of the Collegium Chronicles.

Join free & follow Nick Schenkel's WBAA Book Revi. The beginning of a new series of fantasy novels by the author of the series Heralds of Valdemar, Lackey chronicles the early history of the country Valdemar, set in the world of Velgarth. Mercedes Lackey Foundation: The Collegium Chronicles. by Nick Schenkel's WBAA Book Revi. More from Nick Schenkel's WBAA Book Revi.

Mercedes Lackey is a full-time writer and has published numerous novels and works of short fiction, including the best-selling Heralds Of Valdemar series.

Часто встречающиеся слова и выражения. Mercedes Lackey is a full-time writer and has published numerous novels and works of short fiction, including the best-selling Heralds Of Valdemar series. She is also a professional lyricist and a licensed wild bird rehabilitator. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, artist Larry Dixon, and their flock of parrots.

Written by Mercedes Lackey, Audiobook narrated by Nick Podehl. Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles, Book 2. By: Mercedes Lackey. Narrated by: Nick Podehl. Series: Collegium Chronicles, Book 2. Length: 10 hrs and 9 mins. Categories: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy: Epic.

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Mags was an orphan and slave of “bad blood” who toiled a gem mine all his young life. He would have died before adulthood, had he not been Chosen and taken to Haven to be trained in the new Herald Collegium.

Now, Mags was never hungry and never cold. He slept in a real bed in his own room and, most importantly, he had Dallen, who was like another part of himself. And yet, aside from Lena and Bear, both loners like he was, he couldn’t relate to most of the Herald, Healer, or Bard trainees. He was the only trainee who came from what―to the others―was unimaginable poverty. There was another factor that contributed to Mag’s isolation. Foreign assassins, masquerading at court as envoys were discovered. As they fled from the Guard, one of them seemed to “recognize” Mags. Now, Mags was an object of suspicion.

He had always been curious about his parents, but after the incident it became urgent for Mags to discover exactly who his parents were. And at Haven, he had access to the extensive Archives. Poring through the Archives, he got only incomplete information: his parents, found dead in a bandit camp, had been two of a number of hostages, some of whom had survived. The survivors had told the Guard that Mags’s parents spoke a language that no one understood or recognized.

This information did not help, for the ForeSeers had been having visions of the king’s assassination by “one of the foreign blood.” Some had even Seen Mags with blood on his hands. How could Mags defend himself against a crime that hadn’t yet been committed?

Reviews (7)
I am a huge Mercedes Lackey fan and the entire Valdemar series is one of my all-time favorites to binge on every few years. I love the story lines, the mystery, the intrigue, the characters. I pick up one of these books and I am transported to a totally different world and I love it!

Intrigues is the second in the Collegium Chronicles series and continues to focus on Mags, a former mine slave. I have loved this character from the beginning. He was neglected and abused, as well as woefully under educated, during his years at the mine. He saw things and went through things that would have broken most people, yet somehow his spirit stayed alive and stayed strong. Instead of using his lack of education and lack of knowledge about the world as an excuse to give up or to complain, he finds a way to use it to his advantage. There is an undeniably good message in that.

The mystery and intrigue is at high levels in this book, with Mags' past at the center of a lot of it. He is a person without a past. No one knows who he is or where he came from until a foreign operative seems to recognize him. And that moment of recognition puts Mags in the spotlight, and not in a good way.

My Recommendation: I love all of the Valdemar books and this one is an important part of the series. Not only does it give some information about the Collegium, it focuses on a character that is different from many of the others that have been the focus of other series within the saga.

I loved Foundation. It introduced my third favorite protagonist in the Valdemar series, the first being Alberich and the second being Karal. Mags has a horrific existence until meeting his big, white, talking horse. Like all Lackey protagonists he is unique in his abilities, the best of the new Trainees. Each Valdemar novel focuses on a Gary Stu or Mary Sue, for crying out loud. It is to be expected.

But Intrigues felt rushed and incomplete.


So Mags finally gets fed up with Bear and Lena, two of the biggest whiners Lackey has ever inflicted on us. Given pre-ability Vanyel, pre-mage Elspeth, Pol, and An'desha, that is saying something. So he explodes, and gives them a piece of his mind rather than cater to their fragile little egos. And they give it back to him, taking him to task for not fitting in. Really? Were they raised as slaves in total ignorance for the first 12 years of their lives? Oh, that's right, they just have difficult parents. Boo-freaking-hoo.

So Mags accidentally hurts Dallen, and runs away before he can be repudiated. After all, he feels it is what he deserves. When he finally comes back, does he get an acknowledgement of how unfairly he was treated? Nope. He gets a lecture on doing his duty as a Herald, and has to save the day - AGAIN - to prove his worth.


The editing is problematic as well, though that didn't bother me. It just felt hurried. We don't get any really solid character development. After reading Changes, I wish this could have formed the first part of that novel, with the middle of this book being totally excised. While I'll read this anytime I go back through Mags's story, it is close to being my least favorite of the Valdemar books.

So pick this up if you are already a fan of the series. If you are new to the world of Valdemar, I would suggest starting with Magic's Pawn or Arrows of the Queen. You'll get to this eventually, and will be able to take it for what it is - a mediocre novel from an usually good author.

So Mags is feeling lonely and singled out because Foreseerers see him trying to kill the king. 1) who are these foreseers and why are they blabbing about what they see to everyone and 2) he's been Chosen and we know that Companions don't choose wrong. So why is everyone against him? The Companions should have nipped that in the bud but there there wouldn't be any conflict in the book so..

His friends need to get over themselves. Yea yea they're kids but still. That's a lot of hurtful things to say and I don't care how sorry you are, you've shown your true colors and I would have ended the friendships if my friends did that to me.

Also, why is the actual plot in the last chapter in the book? It was all pointless conflict amung the trainees then bam! Oh yea, here's the real threat!

Not one of her better books but I had some time and it wasnt a terrible read. I'm hoping the next one will be better but I have low expectations of this series now.

I have read and reread the Valdemar books, until now! The characters and story line are trite at best. Mags, the main character, speaks in a dialect that requires a reread of every quote in order to understand what he is saying. (Don't they teach Chosen how to speak clearly, nowadays?) I suppose that the biggest chuckle is the name of this volume. It is the only intrigue that can be found in the book. Either the great Mercy Lackey has lost her ability to tell a story, or someone else has penned this in her stead.

Mercedes Lackey has captured my imagination and interest through so many generations of the Valdemar series. You cannot go wrong with this series. I own every single book in the series - and will keep it that way until there are no other books to purchase. I do wish that the Kindle version (and some of the "standard" versions) included Larry Dixon's art. Amazing Artists!!! The both of them!

Mags is the main character in this book and to be honest - I dreaded it a little when I found out how far back in the Valdemar time line he appeared. I thought, how can you have a strong character with a strong story line despite not being mentioned (so far) in the future Valdemar books? Thankfully Mercedes Lackey proved me wrong in a huge way. You will find yourself routing for Mags throughout the entire time. I was crazy to doubt the abilities of Mercedes Lackey for even a moment.

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