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Science, Fantasy

Daughter of Regals epub ebook

by Stephen Donaldson

Daughter of Regals epub ebook

Author: Stephen Donaldson
Category: Fantasy
Language: English
Publisher: Gollancz; paperback / softback edition (2010)
ISBN: 0575091266
ISBN13: 978-0575091269
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 846
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Two of the stories here were written especially for this volume. The first, Daughter of Regals, is a fairly straightforward novella of fantasy and intrigue with an untraditional conception of magic.

To Stephanie –. who never fails of Magic. I WISH I COULD CLAIM THAT THE STORIES IN THIS VOLUME were written as part of a continuing effort to conquer new literary territory. Two of the stories here were written especially for this volume. The second, Ser Visal’s Tale, uses a more traditional idea of magic in some unexpected ways. As for the rest- Gilden-Fire comes with its own sufficient introduction.

Stephen R. Donaldson on a 2007 book tour. Donaldson has said, "two inert elements combine to produce something of frightening potency. Daughter of Regals and Other Tales. Science Fiction Book Club Award - Best Book of the Year. The Mirror of Her Dreams. 1947-05-13) May 13, 1947 (age 72) Cleveland, Ohio. Donaldson demonstrates new breadth and range in his first book of short storie. here is no doubt that . Daughter of Regals is a fantasy novella concerning a unique royal line and an unusual conception of magic

Stephen R. here is no doubt that Donaldson remains the reigning master of epic fantasy. He has a versatility that few had previously guesse. tories are fresh, original, and, in a couple of cases, simply super. .exciting fare for Donaldson fans and the uninitiated alike. Denver Rocky Mountain News. Daughter of Regals is a fantasy novella concerning a unique royal line and an unusual conception of magic. The Conqueror Worm is a deliciously creepy "horror" piece in which havoc is wreaked by one lowly centipede.

Daughter of Regals is a fantasy novella concerning a unique royal line and . These books established Donaldson as one of the most important figures in modern fantasy fiction.

Daughter of Regals is a fantasy novella concerning a unique royal line and an unusual conception of magic. The Thomas Covenant experience (first trilogy) really pulled me in with suspense and the frustration one naturally feels toward an anti-hero. I recall waiting for each Donaldson book to hit the shelves. PERSONAL LIFE: He currently resides in New Mexico. The gradual interview. Books by Stephen R. Donaldson. splendor, as befitted people who attended any ball given at the manor of the Regals. But only the youngest and least cognizant among them came here simply to dance and dine under the chandeliers ablaze with candles. Most attended this night’s festivities to witness the Ascension of a new Regal to the rule of the Three Kingdoms. in 1985, and the Science Fiction Book Club Award for Best Book of the Year for "The Mirror of Her Dreams" in 1988 and "A Man Rides. Stephen Donaldson, 1947 - Novelist Stephen Donaldson was born on May 13, 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio to James R. Donaldson, a medical missionary, and Mary Ruth Reeder, a prosthetist. His father was an orthopedic surgeon that worked with lepers in India. in 1985, and the Science Fiction Book Club Award for Best Book of the Year for "The Mirror of Her Dreams" in 1988 and "A Man Rides Through" in 1989.

Donaldson proves that he is as adept at the short story as he is at the novel (Denver Rocky Mountain News), in this superb collection. The famous outtake from The Illearth War, Gilden-Fire, headlines eight tales of mystics and unicorns, angels and kings-all written with the dazzling style and imagination that have made Stephen R. Donaldson one of the top fantasists of the day. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

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Daughter of Regals and other stories
Reviews (7)
This is an incredible collection. I'm not eloquent enough to do it justice in a review. All of the stories are strong, and they are diverse enough to show that Donaldson, known mostly for his Thomas Covenant series, is no one-trick pony. The title story is especially powerful. Also worth buying is his collection "Reeve the Just and other stories."

happy light
Brilliant set of short stories. Absolutely hooked! As a Covenant chronicles fan, it was particularly refreshing that Donaldson included Gilden-Fire amongst these works.

Love the short stories.

I LOVED the book! I like all of them though my favorites happen to be Daughter of Regals, Ser Visal's Tale and The Conquerer Worm. But I liked Unworthy of Angel and Mythological Beast a lot too. Overall, just read the book. I found them all interesting (except Animal Lover, which I didn't read yet hehe) and there's something for everybody.
The Conquerer Worm isn't really a fantasy or sci-fi story at all- it's the shortest (I think) and it shows how much trouble a centipede causes. It has a psycological "creepiness" abput it and I loved it. It is more about developing the characters than anything.
I LOVED Daughter of Regals because of the complex storyline and all the twists it has.
Ser Visal's tale has an unexpected ending- tho it took me a few minutes to realize it. I was like *GASP*. I found that telling the story through a storyteller was interesting.
Gilden-Fire is great because I loved Thomas Covenant and it ties in some info about the bloodguard that is not in The Illearth War. Great read but might be a little confusing for anyone who didn't read the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever.

A mixed genre collection, based around the Gilden-Fire novella, but mostly fantasy and then horror. Not too bad, with a 3.31 average.

Daughter of Regals : Daughter of Regals - Stephen Donaldson
Daughter of Regals : Gilden-Fire - Stephen Donaldson
Daughter of Regals : Mythological Beast - Stephen Donaldson
Daughter of Regals : The Lady in White - Stephen Donaldson
Daughter of Regals : Animal Lover - Stephen Donaldson
Daughter of Regals : Unworthy of the Angel - Stephen Donaldson
Daughter of Regals : The Conqueror Worm - Stephen Donaldson
Daughter of Regals : Ser Visal's Tale - Stephen Donaldson

Mage manoeuvres and the dragon lady.

3.5 out of 5

Gilden Fire is is the result of one of the earlier modern fantasy writers inability to write anything short. Obviously a disease that has proved seriously catching.

Because the Illearth War was too long originally and threatened to turn into a black hole, this is a part chopped out of there and deals with Korik the Bloodguard's quest to Seareach, so is not a Thomas Conveant story as far as that goes, directly.

Lords, Giants, fighting as a big finale, too.

3.5 out of 5

Unicorn revival.

3 out of 5

Wizard lust magic disguise.

3 out of 5

Hunting cyborg armed animal casualties.

4 out of 5

Bloody rooted.

3 out of 5

Bugged relationship.

3 out of 5

Witch execution cauldron escape.

3.5 out of 5

3.5 out of 5

Truthfully, I found these pieces lackluster. I felt they had very little of what makes Donaldson so strong as a novelist. Somehow the short form never gives him the chance to create the worlds for which he is so justly famous.

I was particularly disappointed in the first two stories, the longest in the collection. "Daughter of Regals" was quite predictable, and "Gilden-Fire" read like a failed sketch for Illearth, rather than a story set in its mythos. I did enjoy the book more as it progressed, and the stories towards the end were the strongest. I was particularly fond of "Animal Lover" and "Unworthy of the Angel". "Unworthy of the Angel", to my mind, started to approach the quality of the novels-- it was bittersweet, surprising and well-crafted.

Recommended for readers who are already fans. If you have never read any Donaldson before, then pick up Lord Foul's Bane or A Man Rides Through instead.

This is possibly the most complete set of short stories from one author I have ever seen. Each one of the stories carries something special. I concede that there were stories that were slow starting, (namely Daughter of Regals and Ser Visals Tale) but these were inevitably saved by their conclusions. Two stories will stay with me for ever. The Conqueror Worm and Unworthy of the Angel are sheer magic.

A collection of short stories, Daughter or Regals suffers most from its title story, which takes its own sweet time getting to a point. Taken as a sketch of his work to come however, particularly Mirror of Her Dreams, it gives you a look at one of Mr. Donaldson's rough drafts.

The rest of the stories included are better, a wide mix of urban fantasy and cyberpunk. Of greatest interest to the fan of the Thomas Covenant Chronicles is a deleted Book of The Illearth War, written entirely from the perspective of the haruchai. The author explains why it was deleted, which make sense, but I found myself coming away with a greater understanding of the Chronicles after reading it, and I wish that it had not been removed.

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