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Winter Wolf's Woman (Sweet Medicine's Prophecy) epub ebook

by Karen A. Bale

Winter Wolf's Woman (Sweet Medicine's Prophecy) epub ebook

Author: Karen A. Bale
Category: Historical
Language: English
Publisher: Zebra; a edition (November 1, 1990)
ISBN: 0821732110
ISBN13: 978-0821732113
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 540
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Sweet Medicine's Prophecy Series. 7 primary works, 7 total works. Book 7. Winter Wolf's Woman.

Sweet Medicine's Prophecy Series. Book 1. Sun Dancer's Passion. Anna O'Leary couldn't have been happier!

Winter Wolf's Woman October 1990 : USA Mass Market Paperback.

1990) (The seventh book in the Sweet Medicine's Prophecy series) A novel by Karen A Bale. Used availability for Karen A Bale's Winter Wolf's Woman. October 1990 : USA Mass Market Paperback.

Winter Wolf's Woman book. Sweet Medicine's Prophecy by. Karen A. Bale.

Book in the Sweet Medicine's Prophecy Series). Winter Wolf's Woman by Karen A. com User, May 30, 2002. Anna O'Leary couldn't have been happier! At last she was back together with her beloved Nathan Hawkins, and heading West to live on his Arizona ranch. Then the bkackhaired beauty's dreams were shattered when their train was raided and she found herself captive of the handsome Cheyenne warrior, Winter Wolf.

Winter Wolf's Woman (Sweet Medicine's Prophecy). Sun Dancer spends that winter with the Arapaho Indians-she is friends with an Arapaho woman, Broken Leaf-and after surviving a near-death experience, Sun Dancer decides to forgive Stalking Horse for his infidelity and goes back to him. This choice is tested later when Sun Dancer learns that Spring is pregnant-she gives birth to a son-and Stalking Horse is the father.

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Karen A. Bale has written: 'Terremoto (Duey, Kathleen. Survival!, Bk. ' 'Apache's desire'. Winter Wolf's Woman (Sweet Medicine's Prophecy, No 7)'. 'Sweet medicines prop'. Little Flower's Desire (Sweet Medicine's Prophecy, No 2)'. 'Winter's Love Song (Sweet Medicine's Prophecy, No 3)'. 'Sun Dancer's passion' - subject(s): Protected DAISY. Distant thunder' - subject(s): Women spies, Fiction, History.

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Sweet Medicine is an all women native american drum circle  .

Book by Bale, Karen A.
Reviews (4)
This review is of “Winter Wolf’s Woman”, book 7 of 7 in Karen A. Bale’s “Sweet Medicine’s Prophecy” series.

The Story: “Winter Wolf’s Woman” begins with Anna O’Leary, Nathan Hawkins, Roberto Sivan and Roberto’s infant son, Robert on a train from Louisiana to Arizona. While on the train, it is stopped by a rockslide. This is not an isolated incident; the rockslide was arranged by Shoshoni Indians who are on the warpath. Anna and Robert are kidnapped by Shoshoni when they attack the train. They are saved by a Cheyenne Indian named Winter Wolf, the titular character. Winter Wolf takes Anna and Robert back to his band of Cheyenne.

While Anna and Robert are with Winter Wolf, Nathan and Roberto are back at the train after the Shoshoni attack. Nathan is okay, but Roberto was shot and wounded; he is tended to, there at the site and later on her uncle’s ranch, by Dr. Rachel Foster, who begins to fall in love, first with Nathan, then later with Roberto.

Nathan wants to go search for Anna when he discovers she’s in a Cheyenne camp, but that is delayed when Rachel is seriously injured in a carriage accident. Another fly in the ointment: Winter Wolf is Nathan’s cousin, technically; Winter Wolf’s father, Brave Wolf, is Nathan’s late stepmother, Aeneva’s, brother. There is one other problem; Winter Wolf plans to marry Anna, and he has vowed not to let her go back to Nathan.
When Nathan arrives in the Cheyenne camp, he wants to immediately take Anna with him and leave. Brave Wolf, however, is torn between his nephew and his son and forges a compromise: Anna will spend one week with Winter Wolf, then the next with Nathan; at the end of that time, Anna will choose. If she chooses to stay with Winter Wolf, Nathan will leave and never return. If Anna chooses to go with Nathan, Winter Wolf will let her go and not try to stop them. At least, that’s the plan in theory.

Nathan decides that he is tired of fighting constantly for Anna and decides to leave the Cheyenne camp, leaving her with Winter Wolf, which is not what she wants. Winter Wolf feels guilty over the fact that he is taking his cousin’s wife from him and decides to make Anna hate him and go back to Nathan; Winter Wolf beats Anna multiple times and rapes her. Winter Wolf also threatens Nathan, telling him and Anna that he will kill Nathan if Anna tries to leave him.

Nathan finally tires of the constant battling and decides to leave; although he doesn’t leave the Cheyenne village entirely. Anna, feeling despair, tries to commit suicide; she survives, and this is the catalyst for Winter Wolf to realize the wrongs he has done not only to Anna, but in his previous marriage. He finally agrees to let Anna and Nathan leave. When they leave, Anna and Nathan’s relationship is far from getting back to normal. Both have issues they have to resolve if and when they are to be happy together again. On a happier note, Roberto and Rachel are an item and are getting married.

Anna and Nathan have to deal with many things: the possibility that Anna might be pregnant by Winter Wolf-she’s not-and then later the fact that she may not be able to have children-she can-and they realize that their love is strong enough to deal with all that they have and will face and eventually they get married and have their Happily Ever After. Anna also finds her sister; it’s her friend, Molly O’Brien.

Positives: As usual, Mrs. Bale has written a story with great depth and emotion. I never feel reading Mrs. Bale’s work that I am reading but rather that I am watching real people living their lives, which is a great testament to her writing. I felt every emotion her characters felt.

Negatives: The biggest one was Winter Wolf’s raping and beating Anna. The second big issue for me was the fact that everyone-his parents, Nathan and Anna-all forgave him and he was not punished in any way for his actions. I found this very hypocritical, in particular from a cultural perspective. When Aeneva was raped repeatedly by a Crow Indian in an earlier book, the Cheyenne vowed revenge; when one of their own does the same thing, it’s forgiven easily. I find this highly hypocritical.

Sex: The scenes are a little more descriptive than earlier books, but not anywhere close to erotica-level.

Violence: Aside from the aforementioned violence, there are a few other instances, including a battle between Shoshoni Indians and people on the train in the first few chapters. Most of the violence is not graphically described, but the rape and beatings of Anna are described in somewhat more detail.

Bottom Line: Although there were parts I didn’t like, I really liked this book and the series overall. Therefore, I give “Winter Wolf’s Woman” five stars, albeit reluctantly.

I only wish this author had continued to write another series as this one. The series was so good that I still have these books in my library.

Anna O'Leary couldn't have been happier! At last she was back together with her beloved Nathan Hawkins, and heading West to live on his Arizona ranch. Then the bkackhaired beauty's dreams were shattered when their train was raided and she found herself captive of the handsome Cheyenne warrior, Winter Wolf. But even as the chances diminshed that she'd ever see civilization again, the proud, ivory-skinned maiden swore that somehow she'd find her beloved Nathan once more and fulfill the promise of their love!
Winter Wolf had no use for the white man and his cowardly ways. But as he rode the trail to his people with his paleface prisoner, he couldn't help thinking of taking her in his arms. Her glistening hair, creamy flesh, enticing curves and vibrant all beckoned him. Anna prattled on and on about her paleface beloved, but Winter Wolf observed only his own nation's laws. Somehow, despite her refusal to surrender to his caresses, he would overcome her stubborn reluctance and bring her to the heights of ecstasy as WINTER WOLF'S WOMAN!

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