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The Sheikh's Claim epub ebook

by Olivia Gates

The Sheikh's Claim epub ebook

Author: Olivia Gates
Category: Contemporary
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Desire; Original edition (September 11, 2012)
ISBN: 0373731965
ISBN13: 978-0373731961
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 682
Other formats: mbr azw lit lrf

The Sheikh's Claim book. I haven't cared for Olivia Gates books lately and have thought about not reading them anymore.

The Sheikh's Claim book. But I actually liked this one. Can't wait for the next.

has always pursued creative passions such as singing and handicrafts. She still does, but only one of her passions grew gratifying enough, consuming enough, to become an ongoing career-writing.

Books by Olivia Gates. The Sarantos Secret Baby †The Sheikh’s Redemption .The Desert Lord’s Baby. has always pursued creative passions such as singing and handicrafts.

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2012) (The second book in the Desert Knights series) A novel by Olivia Gates. The Sheikh's Baby Bombshell. Their tempestuous relationship had crashed and burned, and Lujayn Morgan had left Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan to marry another-a man who'd died soon after.

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She still couldn’t move. Breathe ensations and compulsions tangling, trapping her volition in their maze. It had always taken him just a look to neutralize her will, her sense of self-preservation

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Home The Sheikh's Claim (Desert Nights The Sheikh's Claim (Desert Nights Author: Olivia Gates. One. Twenty-seven months ago. So you managed to get away with murder this time. Jalal Aal Shalaan frowned at the words he’d spoken aloud. He was standing at the door of an opulent sitting room in one of the most breathtaking manors in the Hamptons, where he’d been received for years as an esteemed guest. He’d thought he’d never set foot in here again because of the woman who stood with her back to him.

Book in the Desert Nights Series).

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Their tempestuous relationship had crashed and burned, and Lujayn Morgan had left Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan to marry another—a man who'd died soon after. And then…Jalal and Lujayn had met again and shared one unforgettable night. Now there is no denying that Lujayn's son belongs to Jalal.Marriage is the only answer. But Jalal is a contender for the throne of Azmahar. This unexpected heir could break him—or be the key to winning. If only he can prove to Lujayn that his claim is not for their son or for the kingdom, but only for her.…
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Ms Gates has crafted a romantic story that is filled with sexual tension and cultural information--the kind that demonstrate the cultural and religious clashes that often torpedo east-west relationships. Yet somehow these characters find a way to overcome the prejudice and bring their relationship into balance with the other factors in their lives. It's a great novel and a story that is well-told, with characters that are strong, realistic and gritty, set in a context that smacks of ancient Middle East traditions of Ali Baba or Aladdin. It is a challenge for these fictional characters to bring the ancient traditions up against modern awareness of the equality of persons. Within the relationships in this story it is a part of the debate and brings not only sexual tension into the mix but the various viewpoints that make such issues always interesting. All in all, Olivia Gates has written a story that is a terrific read on so many levels and one that deserves to be read and appreciated.

Olivia Gates is sooo talented. I love how she builds the relationships in her books. You feel what the characters feel and root for both. You'll want to read all of her books after reading one.

good reading

Pulls you in like nothing much will happen then the story start to unfold and you don't want to put the book down.

I was impressed with the beginning page but it became so totally confusing with all the various characters and the lead character was more like a Shrieking Female and the male just got on my nerves with his total confusion. I ended up skipping pages to get to the end.

I have loved everything that this writer has ever written, starting with several of her Desire Series and I will continue to find every single book she rights!!!!!!


For the second book in the Desert Knights series, there are secrets to discover and devious manipulations that must be overcome before genuine happiness can come into the lives of its spirited couple. Olivia Gates once again delivers when creating a sheikh hero who conveys alpha tendencies yet can be brought to his knees by one female.

Since he believes the only woman that he has ever loved is gone from his life forever, Prince Jalal Aal Shalaan wants to be the next king of Azmahar as it will give him a reason to live. He had an affair with Lujayn Morgan, yet she unexpectedly left him and even married someone else. When the man dies, Jalal gives her time but eventually wants to know what went wrong in their relationship and confronts her. Though they spend a night together, the next day brings Lujayn back to reality and she tells him to stay away from her.

After many months, Lujayn comes to Azmahar and Jalal is stunned when he learns she had his son. Although he once thought becoming king would make his life complete, he now knows there is something even more vital to him. However, convincing Lujayn that she is the crucial element in making his future a worthwhile one will take much careful planning.

If Olivia Gates writes a book about a sheikh and the woman who loves him, it is guaranteed that the moving story will be overflowing with passion. In the Desert Knights series, emotional dilemmas continuously crop up and play havoc with the futures of Jalal and Lujayn. Often when they come to think their relationship may have a chance of thriving, a new problem arises to cause doubts and make trust between them questionable. Ms. Gates always draws me into the personal lives of her main couple, and the predicaments Jalal and Lujayn must face are particularly dramatic since so many aspects of their lives are interlaced with other individuals. What these two believe to be the absolute truth may not actually be factual, as revelations are learned during candidly honest discussions. My heart went out to them when several of these disclosures are brought to light, because their inner beliefs are totally incorrect about past incidents and resulted in numerous misconceptions about the other. Things never go smoothly for the hero and heroine in one of the Harlequin Desire stories by Olivia Gates, and there are problems for Jalal and Lujayn to triumph over from the very start of THE SHEIKH'S CLAIM until everything is satisfyingly concluded. Their sex life is the one place where they can agree upon any action to be taken, and these two definitely have a vivid imagination plus their desire is fueled by uncontrollable lust during a few instances. There is another book in the Desert Knights series, and who will be the new king of Azmahar is not certain at all. THE SHEIKH'S CLAIM is passionate, intriguing and constantly emotional.

4.5 Stars

3.5 stars. As always, Gates delivers with the scorching sex scenes, opening with one of hate/revenge sex, but I found this one harder to get into than others I've read.

Part of it was time-jumpy - we start with the hate sex, almost on top of her husband's coffin, two years after Lujayn left Jalal (and IMMEDIATELY married his once-best friend?), which was after Jalal and Lujayn had had a secret "thing" going on for four years - and then the story picks up two years after that (the hate sex which resulted in a secret baby).

It is (somewhat) easier to believe that the baby could have been hidden, since Lujayn is in America and Jalal is in Azmahar (or sometimes, Zohayd, both fictional Arabian kingdoms), but still...

As always, Gates does an excellent job of sprinkling in Arabic phrases and giving the (English) reader the translation. The passion between these two characters carries well throughout the novel, but at the end I didn't care whether Jalal's evil mother interrupted the wedding, and I should have.

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