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The Purpose-Driven Life (MINIATURE EDITION) epub ebook

by Rick Warren

The Purpose-Driven Life (MINIATURE EDITION) epub ebook

Author: Rick Warren
Category: Worship & Devotion
Language: English
Publisher: Inspirio (November 1, 2003)
Pages: 128 pages
ISBN: 0310806356
ISBN13: 978-0310806356
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 615
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This is a book is written by Rick Warren that gives you false hope in your salvation.

ww. urposedrivenlife. Hardcover: 128 pages. This is a book is written by Rick Warren that gives you false hope in your salvation. No where in this book does Rick talk about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If Jesus had not risen from the dead then He would be no different than the others who claim to be god. John 14:6 Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father except thru Me.

Another Landmark Book by Rick Warren. You are not an accident. Even before the universe was created, God had you in mind. Frequently bought together.

As an author, his book The Purpose Driven Life is one of the bestselling nonfiction books in publishing history. As a theologian, he has lectured at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, University of Judaism, and dozens of universities and seminaries. Instead, I think he was attempting to make 2,000 years of theological study fit within a container that was understandable to the general public. The reaction and book sales make it clear that he accomplished his goal.

The Purpose Driven Life is a blueprint for a lifestyle based on God's eternal purposes, not.

65 MB·112,338 Downloads·New! The Purpose Driven Life is a blueprint for a lifestyle based on God's eternal purposes, not. The Limits of Organic Life in Planetary Systems. 29 MB·28,172 Downloads·New!. Developing Capacities for Teaching Responsible Science in the MENA Region: Refashioning Scientific Dialogue.

Rick Warren, founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, one of America's largest and best-known churches, shows you how to lead a Purpose-Driven Life

Rick Warren, founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, one of America's largest and best-known churches, shows you how to lead a Purpose-Driven Life. Author Bio. ▼▲. Rick Warren is the founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.

The Purpose-Driven Life book. The fact that Warren makes references to the other "Purpose Driven"-branded items in his book that one can purchase pretty much sums it up. Published by Zondervan Publishing Company (first published January 1st 2002). I was given a free copy of this book by a friend at my church a few years ago. I finished reading the book simply to say that I had read it in its entirety.

I read this book immediately after finishing A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (book summary) by Eckhart Tolle. You would think Christianity and New Age spirituality would be completely opposite ends of the spectrum; as you’ll see in my next post, these two books say 80% of the same exact thing. Whether you’re religious, spiritual, or neither, The Purpose Driven Life has some deep quotes and insights on the meaning of life

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Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. 699 Kb. In the River They Swim: Essays from Around the World on Enterprise Solutions to Poverty. Michael Fairbanks, Malik Fal, Marcela Escobari-Rose, Elizabeth Hooper, Rick Warren.

Format Hardback 128 pages.

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Adorable mini edition of the New York Times Best-Seller The Purpose-Drive® Life by Rick Warren.
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What on Earth am I here for?
The purpose Driven Life
Rick Warren

A 42- Day spiritual guide, with the three answers of life's most important questions....

The question of existence..... Why am I alive?
The question of significance.....Does my life matter?
The question of purpose......What on earth am I here for?

Five benefits of knowing your purpose.....
It will explain the meaning of your life.
It will simplify your life.
It will focus your life.
It will increase your motivation.
It will prepare you for eternity.
First I'd like to say that I am a lover of daily books. Anything that is uplifting, clear and meaningful that can help me increase my knowledge of the living word is something that I will instantly pick up and start reading the first entry.

Life has been trial after trial after trial for me and my family as well. Once one thing fits in place the other falls apart. I find myself constantly questioning everything and wishing that things could just change. When I saw this book on the book sneeze website I knew I had to give it a go. Because that should be our focus what does God want our lives to turn out to be. He is the one who put all the work and effort into creating us. Surely there is more to it than just building a world and it just goes from year to year. He did it for a reason and we are here to find out what that is and figure out what we need to do next.

After reading these entries, The Purpose Driven Life. Has opened my eyes to see that God created us out of LOVE to share his LOVE and for us to share his LOVE....Growing up I honestly thought that he was a big guy up in the sky who just made us to play with... Like when we were kids and had our blocks and dolls and toys etc. I didn't feel like I was loved our wanted... And now as I come to realize that he does care and what the best for me. That I am loved and wanted. Now as I open my Bible everyday the scriptures become clearer and the Holy Spirit gives me understanding so I can learn. And I'm finally learning! I have wanted to learn from the word for so long it was so frustrating when I didn't get it. When I went to church and just sat there like a zombie watching the clock go by because I didn't feel like I belonged. That God didn't care and now that I know he does it has helped me grow a lot closer to him and now I can't set my Bible down. It is the best feeling ever. This book is an eye opener and I encourage every one of you to give it a try.

Fast Lovebird
This is just a repackaged edition of the same book. I read it 10 years ago and was not impressed with its religious overtones. That aside, where does Rick Warren come off calling this non-fiction? These writings are his opinion and nothing more. No thanks.

A well-intentioned friend gave me this book, and I obligingly began reading it. I confess I was only able to get about halfway through before I quit. I understand that this book has impacted many lives, but I truly cannot understand why. I pass no judgement on the author's motives. Its not that I found Warren's book to be offensive, but rather that I found it devoid of meaningful content. Give me a theological work containing a cogent argument with which I disagree and I'll give it at least two stars. This book, however, seems to be just a waste of trees.

I received this book as a gift, as I am a person who loves to read about different people's viewpoints and keep an open mind. I then suggested it to a very large book club, and everyone decided to read it together.

The guy who wrote this is extremely hypocritical and focussed on himself. He preaches about not being a self-help person who says to listen to him and only him. Yet, he is totallyyyyy a person who is saying that his opinions and beliefs are the only ones to believe. I am shocked and saddened to see all of the positive reviews. I had hoped that more people could have been able to see the hypocrisy and even greedy selfish mentality that this was coming from. Wow, this was a terrible, very close-minded, narrow view of a read. ...Very very sad and disappointing to see that otherwise intelligent people would not be able to see through the judgmental dogmatic self-centered tone of this entire thing.

How can one person say that he wants to help people to have a sense of purpose, when he puts down and even tries to publicly shame people who are different than he is?! It is saaaaad that anyone who follow words from someone with such a little mind and small heart.

For me, and my entire group of kind, loving, open-minded book club, this was the biggest disappointment and waste of time.

...and this book made me afraid. Yes, I can see how life would be about trust and a temporary assignment and that we all have a purpose for being here, but life being a test does not make sense to me at all. If God is perfect, knows all things and sees all things,testing us is unnecessary because before you make a move he already knows what you are going to do. So if this book is true and real, does this mean then that no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try to live and experience this gift of life through him, it wouldn't really matter?. None of it would matter because we are only here to please a SELFISH, high maintenance God. For him to judge us and ask what we have done with our lives is plain stupid. How does the author know what God will ask?? I am a catholic and the reason why I hardly attend church is because of its skewed teachings of what a perfect God is. First of all, A perfect God would not need to be glorified because He or She is beyond that. Anything that "requires" to be glorified is the opposite of perfection. It is nothing but fear and insecurity at its best. It hurts me to think that people look at Him and compare him to how human being treat their own children.Even the bible has been written and re-written over and over that its true meaning and messages seem to have been lost.I'd like to believe that God is LOVE. He or She is patient and kind. He does not boast. He is not proud. He is not easily angered. He keeps no record of wrongs, rejoices in the truth. He always protects, always trusts, always hopes and sticks with us when we persevere. LOVE never fails, just like God himself will never fail. I am very saddened by the fact that people describe Him as a judgmental and insecure God that requires glorification.

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