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The Face of Power epub ebook

by Matt Guest

The Face of Power epub ebook

Author: Matt Guest
Category: New Age & Spirituality
Language: English
Publisher: Xlibris; 1St Edition edition (October 2001)
Pages: 264 pages
ISBN: 1401025390
ISBN13: 978-1401025397
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 633
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THE FACE OF POWER is a controversial journey into the very real world of unseen energy, power, and affection . I will definitely be giving copies of this book to several friends. Thank you Mr. Guest for writing such an honest and inspiring book

I will definitely be giving copies of this book to several friends. Guest for writing such an honest and inspiring book. You have rekindled my passion for the Unknown and the Truth that lies within!! 0.

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THE FACE OF POWER is a controversial journey into the very real world of unseen energy, power, and affection, a world that is entirely accessible to anyone who believes in the power of the self to every individual who feels that we are mysterious beings with the potential to do so much more. It is an intense, non-fictional and ultra-personal story about the dormant passion in all of us to rise above fear and venture at will into the Unknown to see beyond this dream. The scope of this work is compelling and unprecedented. It is the awareness of a new generation of men and women of power.

Through real-life adventures in relationships, sexuality, lucid dreaming, the afterlife, illness, foreign energy, past lives, and the mysteries surrounding ancient cultures and the dreaming body, THE FACE OF POWER demonstrates how to unhinge the perceptual obstacles and fears that prevent us from reaching our ultimate potential. This book is written in the language of affection, emotion, and "energetic feeling" the language of humanity and is not connected to any existing mode of thought. It is designed to be utilized by people from all walks of life, for those who long for the attainment of any goal whether that goal is health, joy, or the ultimate adventure of the Unknown.

Reviews (7)
This guy obviously has some valuable personal experience and it is nice that he shares it with us so openly. But that's what this book is mostly all about - his personal experience. There is no structured approach or new theory. The book is definitely not instructional but rather anecdotal. I read both his books but was somewhat disappointed as the titles led me to expect more. Obviously the road to power is a very different personal experience for every one.

Matt Guest was raised as a catholic and it shows. The book is extremely heavy handed in it's critique of human sexuality as a waste of energy. In fact, he never ultimately gives sexuality any redemption. The oh so wise teacher in the book named Cort lives with a woman and doesn't even sleep in the same room with her. Cort also seems to have no clue about how to make the body stronger through diet and exercise. He smokes, drinks coffee and liquor yet esposes all kinds of "wisdom" about people's condition with no medical training whatsoever to back up his claims. Read Conversations with God instead. It speaks of sex as one of the most joyful creative acts ever. And read body for Life instead of the high carb fruit juice drinkig nonsense in this book.

The Face of Power is the moving and gripping account of how an hypersensitive and psychic child became a kind of modern shaman and faith healer.The book is however more than a spiritual autobiography since its core is a series of philosophical dialogues between the author and Court, his male mentor, with whom he has a kind of platonic love relationship. In these long conversations, the question of the ultimate nature of experience is explored in depth. People who have read Krishnamurti's works will struck by the numerous and sometimes baffling similarities.
The rest of the book deals with Matthew's spiritual experiences and encounters with spirits and above all with his tumultuous love affairs, which he increasingly comes to regard as a struggle between the powers of light and the powers of darkness as he laboriously but vainly attempts to "convert" his partners to the life of the Spirit. His candid but unoriginal conclusion is that sex is a waste of time and energy...
Lucid dreaming, though frequently mentioned, is NOT discussed in depth in the book. The Face of Power is primarily a philosophical discourse in the form of an autobiographical narrative, peppered with digressions on mysticism, archeology and of course sex. It is not an umpteenth guide to the astral realms or a how-to book about lucid dreaming. What little advice the reader will find scattered in the pages of the "Face of Power" is of an indirect nature and rather vague. Obviously, the author does not want you to know too much.
I sometimes suspected the book to be, in a subtle but nevertheless unmistakable way, an attempt to proselytize its readership, specially people who are ill, since Matthew is quite frank about his healing powers and frequently talks about them. But the tone of deep sincerity of the whole work has convinced me that petty commercialism is far from his mind.
This a very well-written book, both entertaining and profound. It is sometimes so dense that you may need to read and reread some passages, specially in the dialogues with Court. Clearly, the wisdom that Matthew imparts us is from another world.
The reason why I give it only three stars is because I found the mixture of philosophic dialogues with accounts of marital quarrels somewhat jarring. I also found Matthew's Manichean view of sex in general rather uninspiring. Finally, as I mentioned above, much of the wisdom found in the Face of Power sounds like a regurgitation of Krishnamurti's teachings.
People who are interested in a mystical autobiography of truly great caliber free from disturbing conjugal life digressions should read Krishnamurti's Journal.

It's obvious Matt has been through a lot and his honesty and frankness are refreshing, especially his awareness of the sexual energy. He spoke of many things that I am sure have occurred to those of us on a path toward freedom and put them in a concise,inspiring way.
Overall, I would still recommend that people who are serious about the search for freedom go with Castaneda and the current incarnation Cleargreen. They have a much more practical and pragmatic approach as well as being available to the public. Contrary to what Matt says, Castaneda did not die but rather was transformed and still exists in other realms as offensive as this statement is to reason. His partner and colleagues, Carol Tiggs, Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner are still around guiding things from behind the scenes. Unfortunately, most people stop at a certain point and are unable to fathom this but alas, I digress.
Matt's book is a good start and despite some disagreements I have about his careless use of syntax (words do have power- it does matter what you define things as) it still has some valuable info. I recommend it as a step in a process of awareness.

Finally, a new book on shamanism that is not regurgitation of old ideas! The author's honesty is edgy, heart-felt, controversial and at times quite funny and his experiences helped me recognize/remember my own connection to the Unknown. This book has really changed the way I look at my life and has given me the motivation and clarity to pursue what I've been seeking for so long, a life of freedom, awareness and fullfillment. What a joy to be able to access these things in "real life" and to have a book that resonates the truth of our experiences and deepest desires. I was drawn in from the beginning to the author's style, his ability to paint a scene and convey the feelings of an event, and his passion for the unknown is contagious. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something more out of life. Even if you don't know what that "something" is, this book will shine a light and show you what you've been missing.

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