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The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing (2nd Edition) epub ebook

by John D. Ramage

The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing (2nd Edition) epub ebook

Author: John D. Ramage
Category: Writing Research & Publishing Guides
Language: English
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon; Subsequent edition (July 2, 1999)
Pages: 743 pages
ISBN: 0205297919
ISBN13: 978-0205297917
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 199
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Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing.

Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing. Part One, A Rhetoric for College Writer, provides a conceptual framework by showing how inquiring writers pose problems, pursue them through discussion and exploratory writing, and solve them as they compose and revise. Part Two, Writing Projects, contains twelve self-contained assignment chapters arranged according to the purposes for writing.

The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing. Arizona State University. In addition, the text contains a number of visual texts (advertisements, political photographs, posters, and Web sites) that can lead to productive thematic discussions. These essays and visual texts can be clustered thematically in the following ways

In addition to The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing, Dr. Ramage was the co-author of the textbooks Form and Surprise in. .He is currently writing a book about political rhetoric

He was also the lead author for Argument in Composition, and the sole author of Rhetoric: A User's Guide, and Twentieth Century American Success Rhetoric: How to Construct a Suitable Self. He is currently writing a book about political rhetoric. John C. Bean is an emeritus professor of English at Seattle University, where he held the title of Consulting Professor of Writing and Assessment.

The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing (Hardcover). Published July 2nd 1999 by Longman Publishing Group. Author(s): John D. Ramage. ISBN: 0205653715 (ISBN13: 9780205653713).

Brief e. 2nd ed. External-identifier. urn:acs6:ma 0:pdf:f73-4553625e1240 urn:acs6:ma 0:epub:b7b-2582b72350b3 urn:oclc:record:1024164704.

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Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. John D. Ramage (Author), John C. Bean (Author), June Johnson (Author) & 0 more. Hardcover: 784 pages.

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In addition to The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing, Dr.

B> The most successful rhetoric published in over a decade, The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing offers the most progressive and teachable introduction now available to academic and personal writing. The guide offers engaging instruction in rhetoric and composition, a flexible sequence of comprehensive writing assignments, numerous examples of student and professional writing, and thorough guides to research and editing. Solidly grounded in current theory and research, yet eminently practical and teachable, The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing has set the new standard for freshman composition courses in writing, reading, and critical thinking and inquiry. Part One, A Rhetoric for College Writer, provides a conceptual framework by showing how inquiring writers pose problems, pursue them through discussion and exploratory writing, and solve them as they compose and revise. Part Two, Writing Projects, contains twelve self-contained assignment chapters arranged according to the purposes for writing. Each chapter guides the reader through the process of generating and exploring ideas, composing and drafting, revising and editing. Part Three, A Guide to Composing and Revising, comprises five self-contained chapters of nuts-and-bolts strategies for composing and revising. A Guide to Research, Part Four, instructs how to conduct research and incorporate sources into their own writing, and includes a state-of-the-art chapter on electronic writing and research. Part Five, A Guide to Special Writing Occasions, gives helpful advice on writing reflective self-evaluations and on writing essay exams. Part Six, A Guide to Editing, is a concise handbook of grammar, usage, mechanics, punctuation, style, and editing.
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I understand I am only renting, I don't know why anyone would send a rental book this filthy and poor condition. If I had more time to wait to get another book I would have; but I had to have the book to do my work on time. Even after using a cover to keep myself from touching the cover and keep this book together; I am afraid to turn the pages because 1. Bonding seems to be loose and cracked 2. Today I flipped on Chapter 14 and the bottom corner seemed to have been soaked with something for some time. YUCK ! . Make sure you give yourself enough time to check the book out if you are renting because you want to use the book comfortably instead of trying to research online to avoid using this book. Request a clean book and send it back to exchange for something acceptable if you get something like what i got.

For many years I have dreaded returning to college, primarily because it meant I would have to take College writing. However, this year I finally made that jump and tackled College Writing first.

I expected nothing of a college writing text beyond taking significant amounts of my time reading dry material. This book however, was anything but that. I now consider it an indispensable tool to anyone struggling with writing, or wanting to improve their writing skills.

I told my Dad about the book and how much I enjoyed it. He is an aspiring writer and working to improve his skills. He let me know he would like to borrow the book when I am done with my course. Well now I am done and not sure how to tell him that I won't be giving up the book.

The exercises in this book are presented in such a way that they are very meaningful and the purpose is clear, such that it never feels like busy work. Not much of what was presented was truly original to me, but was all presented in a way that its purpose was made much more clear. Additionally, some of those things that I have found very challenging in the past were made simple. When writing my papers for the course, instead of struggling to reach the word count, I was working to edit down to the word count. This allowed selecting from the best of my content instead of trying to inject word count.

I received an A in the course for which I give all of the credit to this book. It allowed me to find joy in writing, something that have never had before.

If your looking for awsome textbooks with great servive then you should buy it from BUY_BOOKS_KID. The product came in excellent shape and it was the correct book. All the pages are intact with minor bents on the front cover and a couple of pages. There were no stain marks or any writing considering that it was bought new. The top and bottom of the book's spine seem to have been put under pressure that there are creases and a small tear at the top. I use it for my college starting level english class and it has taught me muh about how to wirte better and the strategies for writting. As I know not every used book are going to be the same, as long as all the info is there, it's legible, and is the correct book for your class then it's a great buy.

This book was a rental for college. Instead of purchasing a book only for a semester and never using it again... Renting it, is better. Just make sure you return it before the deadline. It is much cheaper than purchasing it for hundreds of dollars. (Just saying.) The only problem is, it was not the correct book. Which was my error. But, I still paid less than the books full price.

My advice, if you are going to rent a book for school. (Any book!) If you are not sure, ask your professor. Many books, the titles and covers may look like what you need, but the year or author, could be different. Again, Make sure you double check!

This book is filled with examples of different writing structure and also on proper citation. Citation is something I struggle with so this book was a big help. I learned a lot about exploratory writing and on controversial writing. I did not give this book a 5 star because even though I was able to use the examples as a reference, I didn't use the book much for anything else. I emulated the types of writings for my assignments and then brushed the book aside till the next due date.

I chose five stars as my rating because this book does not skip over information about any given topic. Everything is orderly, easy to follow and understand, and fun. There are even examples and samples of different types of essays for students to learn from. I learned so much from this one book than I've learned in my whole educational/writing career. Using this book, I earned an A+ in my english course in college. This is the best book for students in english, language, composition, or any courses where styles of writing are required- and lots of it. Its also perfect for writers who want to hone their skills, learn the new formatting, or appeal to various audiences.
Great job, thanks a bunch!

great ant
It is a cheap English textbook I needed for a class. That is it. It did not stand out to me as good or bad.

Make sure you have access to other people in the classes book if you use this one.

I was able to get by on all homework assignments. But reading in class for in-class assignments, for some reason I would never have those exact pages.

Overall it was worth it, because this was so cheap and the people next to me in class would allow me to read from whatever I was missing in-class, which was not that often too.

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