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Politics, Social

The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond (Pelican) epub ebook

by Paul L. Hoch and Russell Stetler Edited by Peter Dale Scott

The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond (Pelican) epub ebook

Author: Paul L. Hoch and Russell Stetler Edited by Peter Dale Scott
Category: Social Sciences
Language: English
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd; New Ed edition (1978)
Pages: 480 pages
ISBN: 0140220747
ISBN13: 978-0140220742
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 593
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The Assassinations book. Russell Stetler was an aide to Bertrand Russell & author of "The Battle of Bogside: The Effects of Riot-control Technology in Northern Ireland" (1970).

The Assassinations book. Peter Dale Scott was a Canadian diplomat, Berkeley English professor and poet.

Peter Dale Scott's piece is thus one of the few to ask why; yet Scott stops abruptly

Peter Dale Scott's piece is thus one of the few to ask why; yet Scott stops abruptly. If Kennedy was killed over policy differences, who were his opponents? Scott indicates some sinister force controlling the e apparatus. THE ASSASSINATIONS: Dallas and Beyond-A Guide to Coverups and Investigations.

The Murder of Allende and the End of the Chilean Way to Socialism,! 1 by Robinson Rojas Sandford. The Voice of the People: John Doherty, 17981854, Trade Unionist, Radical and Factory Reformer, by R. G. Kirby and A. E. Musson. Rowman Littlefield, Totowa, .

Scott, Peter Dale; Hoch, Paul; Stetler, Russell. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. t on September 16, 2011. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

The media and the Kennedy assassination: the social construction of reality.

Crime and Cover-Up: The CIA, the Mafia, and the Dallas-Watergate Connection, Westworks (Berkeley, CA), 1977. With Jonathan Marshall and Jane Hunter) The Iran-Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era, South End Press (Boston, MA), 1987.

3. The interview highlighted in this segment was conducted by an undercover Miami police informant on November 10, 1963 - twelve days before President Kennedy’s assassination.

But did Oswald actually do it? If he did was he alone? The Assassinations Dallas and Beyond contemplates these questions as well as the integrity of the commission composed to answer them.

2. Jerry Policoff, The Media and the Murder of John Kennedy, in Peter Dale Scott, Paul L. Hoch, and Russell Stetler, The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond (New York: Random House/Vintage, 1976), 268.

Reviews (3)
The Rollers of Vildar
A fantastic collection from 1978 that needs to be reprinted.

"A Most Urgent Task" - Lyndon B. Johnson
"Report of the Warren Commission - Summary and Conclusions"
"A Defence Brief for Lee Harvey Oswald" - Mark Lane
"The Murder of Tippit" - Sylvia Meagher
"The Alibi: Oswald's Actions After the Shots" - Howard Roffman
"The Proof of the Plot" - Sylvia Meagher

"The Milteer Documents" - Harold Weisberg
"The Spectro Evidence" - Jim Lesar

"The Zapruder Film" - Sylvia Meagher
"The Case for Three Assassins" - David Lifton and David Welsh
"A Note on the Fatal Shot" - David Lifton
"Physical Evidence" - Josiah Thompson
"Pathologist's View of JFK Autopsy" - Cyril Wecht

"The Media and the Murder of John Kennedy" - Jerry Policoff
"Kennedy Conspiracy Discounted" - W. David Slawson and Richard M. Mosk
"The Garrison Commission" - William Turner
"Serious Misgivings" - Sylvia Meagher
"Presidential Doubts: Comments from Press Conferences and Interviews" - Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford

"COINTELPRO memo" - J. Edgar Hoover

"The Case is Still Open" - Robert Blair Kaiser
"Sirhan's Gun" - Betsy Langman and Alexander Cockburn

"From Dallas to Watergate: The Longest Cover-Up" - Peter Dale Scott
"The Death of Kennedy, Vietnam and Cuba" - Peter Dale Scott

"The CIA and the Man Who Was Not Oswald" - Bernard Fensterwald, George O'Toole
"CIA Activities and the Warren Commission Investigation" - Paul L. Hoch
"Allegations Concerning the Assassination of President Kennedy" - Report of the Commission on CIA Activities Within the United States

First published in 1976, this "Guide to Cover-ups and Investigations," still holds up well after 35 years. Now that it seems clear that there was indeed a conspiracy in the assassination of JFK, and that the case is indeed not closed, it is worth while to revisit the early critiques of the "stage-managed" Warren Commission's Report. One will not find a better more comprehensive source than this edited volume.

Its editor, Professor Peter Dale Scott, of UC Berkeley, in his own excellent writings on the assassination has been primarily concerned with "big picture" aspects of the assassination, and thus takes a more "hands off" attitude towards the more detailed entries that make up this book. That said however, he makes clear in his setup piece in the introduction that no matter how the emerging theories of the assassination are viewed, the unsolved political assassinations that occurred during the 60s --the JFK, RFK and MKL murders, fundamentally changed our democracy for the worse. Not only did it lead to Watergate, but to unheard of fear and distrust of our government and its institutions, a fear and distrust that remains high even today.

Of particular note here is the careful analysis of the J.A. Milteer incident, in which a wealthy white supremacist had predicted that JFK would be "picked off" with a high powered rifle from an office building, either in Miami, Chicago or Dallas. Milteer bragged about the assassination after it happened. We have since learned that he was right in each case, even though only Dallas ended in a successful assassination.

As well, the issue of J.D. Tippit, the Dallas policeman supposedly shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in the chaos of the assassination, even today, remains shrouded in mystery. We still do not know what Tippit's role was? And finally, it is worthwhile to also review the details given here of the Jim Garrison investigation, especially what prompted Garrison to get involved: It turns out that it was Senator Russell from Georgia, a member of the Warren Commission, who had such serious problems with the Commission's report that he refused to sign off on it. He just happened to be sharing a plane seat with Garrison when he voiced his these doubts to the then New Orleans DA. Five Stars

Sadaron above the Gods
Lee Harvey Oswald became the most hated man in America after the tragic death of John F. Kennedy. But did Oswald actually do it? If he did was he alone? The Assassinations Dallas and Beyond contemplates these questions as well as the integrity of the commission composed to answer them. The book is a compilation of several official reports, which were both rewritten and analyzed by editor Peter Dale Scott. The books main points focus on the credibility of the Warren Report by evaluating several disregarded pieces of evidence and witnesses that may have proved Oswald's innocence. The Assassinations also describes Oswald's social life, including his communist ties. Although packed with an insurmountable amount of information, this book has a gross redundancy. Still after reading through it all, I feel Oswald was innocent. Only someone with a passion for either JFK or Lee Oswald could stand the long nights of reading a lot of the same information only written differently. However, if you enjoy bleeding from your eyes, or just have trouble sleeping at night, then feel free to read The Assassinations Dallas and Beyond. Take my word for it; don't waste your money on this one and check it out at your local library.

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