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Bob Dylan - Lyrics: 1962-2001 epub ebook

by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Lyrics: 1962-2001 epub ebook

Author: Bob Dylan
Category: Music
Language: English
Publisher: Simon & Schuster; 1st edition (October 19, 2004)
Pages: 610 pages
ISBN: 0743228278
ISBN13: 978-0743228275
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 573
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Lyrics: 1962-2001, Bob Dylan تاریخ نخستین نگرش: یکی از روزهای ماه مارس در سال 1999 میلادی عنوان . But I listened to Bob's albums hundreds of times, reading along the lyrics from this book, although I don't have to, because I know most of the words by heart.

Lyrics: 1962-2001, Bob Dylan تاریخ نخستین نگرش: یکی از روزهای ماه مارس در سال 1999 میلادی عنوان: سروده ها؛ شاعر: باب دیلن؛ مترجم: محمود مشرف آزاد تهرانی (م. آزاد)؛ سعید توکلی پارسان؛ تهران، سخن، 1377، در 350 ص؛ شلبک: 9645983827؛ موضوع: سروده های باب دیلن - سده 20 م باب دیلن در سبک موسیقی بومی امریکا میسراید؛ آرزو میکنم زنده باشد و با. Sometimes I wonder how a single man could write so many great songs; and still going strong.

Bob Dylan’s eponymous debut studio album, Bob Dylan proved to be the joker in the pack of Dylan’s catalogue. Featuring only two original compositions, the album provided listeners with a majority of tracks that are covers, perhaps because Dylan was not yet up to folk standards. The LP was recorded in the course of two days, comprising the tracks Dylan had been playing had coffee houses in New York

This collection contains Bob Dylan's lyrics, from his first album, Bob Dylan, to 2001's "Love and Theft.

This collection contains Bob Dylan's lyrics, from his first album, Bob Dylan, to 2001's Love and Theft. This collection contains Bob Dylan's lyrics, from his first album, Bob Dylan, to 2001's "Love and Theft.

Redirected from Lyrics: 1962–2001). This is a list of books published by and about Bob Dylan. Letras completes; Traductores: Miquel Izquierdo, José Moreno,Diego A. Manrique Ed. Malpaso. Canciones; selección, traducción y prólogo de Eduardo Chamorro, Visor, 1971.

I was a teenager when Bob Dylan came on the scene in the 60's and I have been an appreciative fan of his gritty writing and singing ever since, I couldn't help but love this collection of his lyrics; all 598 pages. This wonderful overview has helped me to comprehend him more as a person and also as an artist.

The book plunges directly into the lyrics without preface or introduction. No scores are included, but the book is indexed by title and first or key line.

Released 10 years ago, 'Christmas In The Heart' was Dylan's 34th album. Revisit the video for "Little Drummer Bo. Bob Dylan - Little Drummer Boy (Video).

This collection contains Bob Dylan's lyrics, from his first album, Bob Dylan, to 2001's "Love and Theft."
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I became a Dylan fan in the early 60's. While In Junior College and working for the student newspaper, I was assigned the task of interviewing him - without an appointment - when he came to perform in the town where that JC was. I grabbed a tape recorder, sat with some friends to create a short list of questions we thought would be fun for him to respond to - and on the assigned evening, I set out to interview him.

I made it to the security gate where I was summarily turned away. Thinking myself clever, I argued, joked and tried to talk my way in - and failed. So, I sat outside (I had no ticket to the show itself) until it was over - then, some three hours after I first arrived, I recognized Dylan, surrounded by a small army of devotees and sycophants, coming out of the stage door. Bravely, I approached him - tape recorder turned on and microphone in hand - trying to remember just one of the many clever questions my friends and I had concocted. All I could get to come out was, "Hi! I'm from the local J.C. Would you please say something about yourself?" He actually stopped, looked at me (I think) through VERY dark glasses and said, clear as a bell, "I'm a poet - not a singer." I believe this volume demonstrates that rather nicely.

On first hearing me play a Dylan album, my dad, who had never - so far as I know - spent one day on a farm, said "That sounds like a lamb with his gonads caught in a barbed wire fence." Maybe he was right. The beauty of this volume is that it is unfettered with music - either written or sung. Just as the title says, it is "Lyrics".... words .... poems..... stories told in certain rhythm and meter. As such, they read purely - without the attempt to convey them as 'song' or himself as a 'singer.' I read the book from cover to cover and actually use it as a lyric book to create my own versions of the lyrical tales he told that are recorded here.

Some are simple: some complex: some perhaps deliberately confusing, inconsistent and mind-twisting. Others are basic - a few even 'sweet' and naively young. Some angry, some narrative, more than a few visionary. But whatever else they are or are not, they are poems - each and every one of them - and, as such, I believe they stand on their own ... without the music he gave them - mostly, as I understand it, after the fact.

Read this way, as a poetic autobiography, I think those interested - or even enamored- with Bob Dylan and his work, will find this volume to be a real treasure trove of pure expressiveness. It has already achieved a special place - in my library, in front of me while I have a guitar in hand - or simply in my lap, as I read and try to appreciate the purist Dylan we have to remember the times, and perhaps ourselves, with.

I'm not a native English speaker (moved to the US 20+ years ago) and one of the annoying things of Bob Dylan albums is that, for whatever reason, they don't come with the lyrics to the songs. I'm a big Dylan fan, and as much as I enjoy listening to the albums, I've always wanted to better understand the lyrics. Well, consider that problem solved with this book.

"Lyrics 1962-2001" is the solution to my problem, a 600 page (hard cover) book, containing the lyrics to all Bob Dylan's songs. The book is arranged album-by-album, and song-by-song within those albums, and contains in addition the words to other songs that were not originally on any album.

Bob Dylan towers over the music scene like few others, and his word-crafting has no equal. This book is essential, not just for Bob Dylan fans, but for any serious music lover. I bought this book from Amazon.com, for a mere $27 (S/H included), 40% off the cover price, one of the best bargains ever. "Strongly recommended" doesn't do justice, this is simply essential.

A great resource for perusing some of the greatest song lyrics ever written. Smartly organized by album so songs are easy to find. Highly recommended for the Dylan fan or even those who don't know Dylan.

Bob Dylan - what more needs to be said -

This book on the complete lyrics of Bob Dylan is far worth every penny you will pay for it. It is so beautifully bound, and so easy to read these fantastic lyrics that Dylan has written through his life. However, all of Bob Dylan's songs with the Traveling Wilburys are not included here, but just take a look at what is here, and you will probably forget what is missing.

I put my "Bring It All Back Home" Album on and sang the lyrics to "It's Alright Ma- I'm only Bleeding" to my 13 year old son from the book. I play guitar to and wish I had the chords and tabs to play the songs. But Bob Dylan refers to himself as a Poet first so I am not complaining at all. Great Book Thanks for the speedy delivery too.

Just what I wanted! One hundred percent Dylan poetry, including all of my favorites. No intro, no commentary, no fillers. It really is what it is - how's that for a change? Not all-inclusive, but a fabulous collection and well-worth the price. I love it!

This book has ALL of his stuff, and the lyrics are listed by album chronology, so it's easy to find a song you've wondered about, and you say, "Ohhhh, now I get it!"

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