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Coaching with Spirit epub ebook

by Teri-E Belf

Coaching with Spirit epub ebook

Author: Teri-E Belf
Category: Business Culture
Language: English
Publisher: Pfeiffer; 1st edition (July 26, 2002)
Pages: 297 pages
ISBN: 0787960489
ISBN13: 978-0787960483
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 653
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Teri-E Belf’s most popular book is Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success to Emerge.

Teri-E Belf’s most popular book is Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success to Emerge. Books by Teri-E Belf. Showing 30 distinct works. Coaching with Spirit: Allowing Success to Emerge by. Teri-E Belf.

Author Teri-E Belf, MA, BCC and the world's first MCC, along with 50 other contributors, offer reflections and actions for . I am enthusiastic about how this book connects coaching with Spirit in a way that is both practical and subtle.

Author Teri-E Belf, MA, BCC and the world's first MCC, along with 50 other contributors, offer reflections and actions for revitalizing your coaching style with 3 key spiritual concepts (CPR): Connection- increase connection with yourself, your client, and the whole. In addition, I endorse Coaching with Spirit for a larger audience. I believe every coach will recommend it to clients, friends, family, and significant others; and those.

by Teri-E Belf and Annie Gelfand. 5. 0 (2 used & new offers). The Business of Coaching Agreements. by Teri-E Belf and Annie Gelfand. 4. 5 (8 used & new offers). Valuing Differences: a masterful coach’s path to trust and intimacy. Read this and over 1 million books withKindle Unlimited.

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Teri-E Belf, MCC (USA), has built her coaching career on an intense commitment to applying self-reflection .

Teri-E Belf, MCC (USA), has built her coaching career on an intense commitment to applying self-reflection, personal growth and lessons learned to her business. Belf recognizes and appreciates the value of coaching and takes it seriously, but says that remembering to take a lighthearted, joyful approach is a must. A seasoned MCC, Teri-E tried one of her more out-there tactics. My training had not prepared me for this.

Learn to Coach with Your Spirit This book helps readers increase their awareness and personal responsibility using a process that defines both spiritual growth and self-discovery through coaching. As the author explains, coaching with.

Coaching with Spirit is an uncommon resource that shows you how to enhance your effectiveness by integrating spirituality into your professional interactions with clients. Written for coaches, managers, and allied professionals who work with clients such as therapists, consultants, career management practitioners, pastoral educators, NLP practitioners, students and those considering these professions. This book is not a primer on spirituality but rather it is a guide that suggests practical ways you can welcome Spirit into your business. The foundation for this work is the Kybalion, the Greek and Egyptian hermetic philosophy. Author Teri-E Belf, MA, BCC and the world’s first MCC, along with 50 other contributors, offer reflections and actions for revitalizing your coaching style with 3 key spiritual concepts (CPR): Connection-- increase connection with yourself, your client, and the whole Present-- be fully available in the present moment Responsible-- able to respond and be accountable for your choices
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I appreciate the breadth and depth of this book. Written in an engaging narrative style, the author has included multiple case studies and contributions from other experienced and master coaches. Many of the contributors hold national and international leadership positions in the coaching industry. As a "beginner" coach my job was made easier by being able access the coaching wisdom and experience contained between the covers of this book. I enjoyed reading cover to cover as well as re-reading sections for reference and inspiration. This book is a keeper that has been read and reread.

One of my favorite books on coaching and spirituality. It caught me right away and is a well of information. I have read it a couple times since. Highly, highly recommend it if you want to learn how to coach on a spiritual level.

Still reading. Was recommended by a friend and I can see why.

One of the best books to help you coach with heart

I love this book for my groups

This book did not flow well for me. It didn't feel very organized.

In Coaching with Spirit, Teri-E Belf invites her readers to honor the presence of Spirit in the coaching conversation and to experience the intuitive dimensions of coaching. This highly readable, philosophical book is for coaches in all fields, including practitioners in mental health, medicine, education, and organizational development. There are chapters for bringing Spirit into Marketing one's practice, Executive Coaching, International Coaching, Coach Leadership and the creation of Coaching Communities.

Belf tells her readers that accessing the Spirit within and around us reveals the self in relation to the universe. Spirit is ineffable, ever present, and available. It is unconditional love, acceptance, guidance and connection to Source. Partnering with Spirit, coaches help themselves and others find purpose, reach for fulfillment, and tap into life's meanings. This book teaches coaches how to work with Spirit through connection, honoring the moment, and taking responsibility.

The book is a collaborative effort of 40+ coaches sharing anecdotes about those "coachable moments" when Spirit is evident. The author includes a chapter on the spirituality of coaching from the client's perspective, with touching and inspiring essays describing how coaching opens doors to purposeful living, self-knowledge and creative approaches to life challenges.

Belf explores the inner world of the coach and teaches methods that access Spirit: Listening, meditating, trusting one's intuition, asking thought-provoking questons, allowing silence, and letting clients take responsibility for their own solutions and choices. Coaching with Spirit is beautifully written. It's a book that I can open at any page and use what is there for medication and reflection. Teri-E Belf has truly captured the transformational nature of coaching.

Did you ever have one of the books that provided so much value that you read it several times and each time you came away with even more value? Well Teri-E Belf’s Coaching with Spirit is one of those books! I first read it in 2005 and then several more times after that. I have many brightly colored tabs attached to content as well as highlighted areas that resonate with me. All of which serves as a deep resource well/guide for truly connecting to the client, their life purpose and assisting them to the successes they desire in doing and being.

Specifically, Coaching With Spirit provides practical and purposeful approaches to welcoming Spirit into coaching meetings which ultimately increases coaching effectiveness by reaching what matters most to the client. Teri-E Belf provides an abundance of exercises, reflective questions, and 35 specific "Coaching with Spirit Pointers" as well as insights from other coaches that add to the credibility of this approach. Beyond all the concrete exercises and practical tips you will meet Spirit in the book and discover your own “ahas” and your very own spiritual way of connecting and allowing success to emerge for you and your client.

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