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Nell Gwyn epub ebook

by Derek Parker

Nell Gwyn epub ebook

Author: Derek Parker
Category: Historical
Language: English
Publisher: Npi Media Ltd; First Edition edition (July 29, 2002)
Pages: 212 pages
ISBN: 0750919922
ISBN13: 978-0750919920
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 962
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Derek Parker (born 1932) is a British writer and broadcaster. He is the author of numerous works on literature, ballet, and opera, and with his wife Julia of several books about astrology. He was born in Looe, Cornwall, and educated at Fowey Grammar School (1941–49). He worked as reporter with The Cornishman (Penzance) (1949–55) then as drama critic with The Western Morning News (Plymouth) (1956–58)

Derek Parker’s most popular book is Nell Gwyn.

Derek Parker’s most popular book is Nell Gwyn. Books by Derek Parker. Showing 30 distinct works. Nell Gwyn by. Derek Parker.

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When King Charles II was dying, the name of only one of his many mistresses was in his mind and on his lips: that of Nell Gwyn

When King Charles II was dying, the name of only one of his many mistresses was in his mind and on his lips: that of Nell Gwyn When she died, some years after the King, she was given a grand funeral, the sermon preached by a future Archbishop of Canterbury. No court in modern history has been as scandalously dissolute as that of Charles II, and the story of the king and his mistresses is engrossingly outrageous. The heroine, however – and who would deny her that title – is pretty, witty Nell. Read on the Scribd mobile app.

Book Condition and format : Excellent, Paperback. Fine unused condition. His previous books include John Donne and his World (1973), Familiar to All: William Lilly and Seventeenth Century Astrology (1975), the bestselling The Compleat Astrologer (1975), and Parkers' Astrology (1991). Pompilia: A Roman Murder Mystery is due for publication in June 2001. Country of Publication.

He has worked as a journalist, and as a freelance interviewer and presenter for BBC radio.

Derek Parker (Auteur). The first new biography of Lachlan Macquarie in decades, this book draws on a wealth of sources, both in Australia and overseas, to paint a picture of the man and his times Lire la suite. Téléchargement immédiat.

Eleanor Gwyn, more known as Nell Gwyn, was a prolific celebrity figure of the Restoration period.

For the footballer, see Derek Parker (footballer). This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Eleanor Gwyn, more known as Nell Gwyn, was a prolific celebrity figure of the Restoration period. Praised by Samuel Pepys for her comic performances as one of the first actresses on the English stage, she became best known for being a long-time mistress of King Charles II of England and Scotland.

Nell Gwyn Entertains the reader with the story of the actress nell Gwyn, daughter of a brothel keeper who became Charles II's favorite mistress.
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This paragraph just added:
Derek Parker's so-called biography of Nell Gwyn is about as grounded in reality as his books on astrology, his major claim to fame. Forget Parker and buy Charles Beauclerk's "Nell Gwyn: Mistress to a King" (2005). Beauclerk is a direct descendant of Charles II and Nell Gwyn, but more importantly he is a scholar who did his homework and invests years of research in his fascinating, eye-opening biography. He casts a fresh eye not only on Nell, but also on Charles II and Restoration London.

My original review:

I am disappointed to report that Derek Parker's "Nell Gwyn" is a travesty of scholarship. I give you three (of many) cases in point:

Chapter 2, page 14, he writes: "In exile, during the Interregnum, he [Charles II] and his friend Rochester (fn5) cut a swathe through the Continent's available women." The footnote then identifies Rochester as "John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester (1647-80), a close friend of Charles throughout their lives."

The Rochester who cavorted with Charles on the Continent was Henry Wilmot, the 1st Earl of Rochester, John's father, who saved Charles's life when he was forced to flee England. John wasn't even a teenager until Charles returned from France.

Chapter 4, page 74, the author writes: "Rochester himself wrote a not particularly good play, 'The Rehearsal.'"

In all other scholarly works I've read on the subject, "The Rehearsal" is attributed to George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham, a member of "The Merry Gang." It is quite likely that Rochester contributed ideas, as he was wont to do for many of his playwright friends, including Dryden, but he was not the author of "The Rehearsal." Furthermore, the play was quite good, and groundbreaking, just not a classic.

Chapter 3, page 52, the author writes: "Dryden saw them [Charles Hart and Nell Gwyn] as Philidor and Mirida in 'All Mistaken,' by his brother-in-law James Howard -- a low comedy in which most of the entertainment derived from the attempts of a fat courtier, Pinguister, to court a pretty maid (Mirida, played by Nell). Hart rolled about the stage with Nell in his arms, rising occasionally to rush from the stage unbuttoning his breeches in order to deal with the consequences of a purge which someone had given him."

This is not at all what happens in "All Mistaken." Pinguister takes the purges voluntarily from his Doctor in order to lose weight so that Mirida will marry him. And, when they are rolling about on the stage, she is not in his arms, she is distant from him rolling away from him as he rolls toward her, because she has promised to marry him if he can catch her. She is making Pinguister her 6th "fool" to round out her half dozen. And he doesn't "rise occasionally" to go purge; he can't even get up without her help. When she does help him up, she takes him on in a swordfight and disarms him. It is also possible (I emphasize possible) that this performance by Nell was what captured Charles' attention and led to their affair.

It appears that, rather than read the plays Nell appeared in, the author found it more convenient to read someone else's inaccurate descriptions.

To attribute "The Rehearsal" to Rochester is inexplicable.

Not knowing the difference between Henry Wilmot and John Wilmot suggests that the author is not really familiar with the life of Charles II, and, if he's not familiar with the life of Charles II, he cannot possibly have anything worthwhile to contribute to our knowledge about the life of Nell Gwyn.

Looks good!

A well rounded account of the life of popular comic stage actress and mistress of Charles II, Nell Gwyn, a beautiful witty and lovable person. Nel was one of the only mistresses of a British monarch to be popular with the masses. Referred to by John Dryden (in whose plays she acted). In many ways she embodied the character of Restoration England under Charles II. Of all Charles' 13 mistresses she is the best known. This book traces the life of Nell from a possible child prostitute from a poor family who got a job selling oranges at the theatre, to a popular stage actress who captured the fascination of a king.
Though her past was one of promiscuity and possibly prostitution (in order to survive as a child) she remained faithful to only King Charles when she was his mistress).
On his deathbed Charles uttered to his brother and heir James, "Let not poor Nelly starve"
It says something of Nell's character that though she received a stipend from James II to live on, she refused his request to convert from Protestantism to Catholicism. Nell died of a stroke aged 37, but had a achieved a peerage for one of her sons. There are estimated today to be over 300 descendants of Nell Gwyn. A woman of beauty, wit and a heart of gold. The book also tells us something of the society of Restoration England, the theatre of the time as well as of Charles II's other mistresses such as Lady Barbara Castlemaine and Louise de Keroualle.

Until Gillian Bagwell's novel, The Darling Strumpet, hits the shelves on January 4, 2011, this has been my Nell Gwyn read. Paints a picture of Restoration London and compares Gwyn to the other mistresses of King Charles II.

Some interesting little quotes and tidbits from personal correspondence and diaries, but doesn't read like a novel. Interesting factoids about Nell's jewelry, furniture, etc.

Yeah, right. A bit dry.

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