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Finding Polaris epub ebook

by Cynthia Tyler

Finding Polaris epub ebook

Author: Cynthia Tyler
Category: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 4, 2011)
Pages: 304 pages
ISBN: 1461034965
ISBN13: 978-1461034964
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 877
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Christine Cameron is at a crossroads. She has survived the murder of her lover and found new romance.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. She has won the challenge of a hostile takeover of her company and made it thrive. Now all she has to do is repeat the process all over again. But this time her life will hang in the balance.

Cynthia Tyler’s most popular book is Finding Polaris.

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Finding Polaris is about adventure, love, integrity and survival. Cynthia Tyler grew up in Southern California. Descanso won an Alice B. award and was an Insightout Book Club selection. She is the author of Descanso (Haworth Press, 2005), and Shadow Work (Haworth Press, 2006).

Law Office of Cynthia Tyler. Yesterday at 16:04 ·. . Unveils Plan to Hold Children With Migrant Parents Long Term.

New book, Finding Polaris.

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Finding Polaris by Cynthia Tyler (English) Paperback Book Free Shipping!

Christine Cameron is at a crossroads. Again. She has survived the murder of her lover and found new romance. She has won the challenge of a hostile takeover of her company and made it thrive. Now all she has to do is repeat the process all over again. But this time her life will hang in the balance. Evidence suggests her girlfriend is cheating. At work, an evil power monger is trying to cut Chris out of power. Chris decides, after nearly dying on a hiking trip in the Mojave Desert, that she needs to hone her survival skills and reflect on her relationship. And she wants to do it in the company of an exciting new woman she meets while recovering from her accident. Little does she know the secrets that will be uncovered in a modern day ghost town and the danger that waits as she seeks a compass for her life. Finding Polaris is about adventure, love, integrity and survival. Borrowing from recent history, the novel is set in the rugged desert bordering Joshua Tree National Park and is loosely based on events that happened to the one time flourishing town of Eagle Mountain, now an abandoned monument to the ambition of a pioneer in the art of corporate profiteering.
Reviews (7)
The mystery part of the story is bland and unoriginal and it's made worse by the fact that the author didn't put any effort into developing the story. Many books are based on storylines used before, but authors usually try to give them some new twists and turns to make the story fresh and interesting, but not here. You can literally tell this tale in 2 sentences. Furthermore, the way the characters act and interact is totally unrealistic. It soon becomes clear that the leader of the wilderness survival skills course is an unstable nut job, but they just ignore her erratic behaviour. These women are putting their lives in the hands of this person! In real life, they would walk away, not to ask for a refund, but for fear for their lives. Also, at the end, the women act so lame and stupid that it annoyed me a great deal. Real women can be strong and smart, you know. Also, the way the group interacts is sometimes very unrealistic, for example, a woman calls another woman she just met an idiot for no reason. This is not the way adults in this situation would speak to each other. And now to the worst flaw (mild spoiler): I guess it is safe to assume that many people hide bad things in remote places, but I am sure that very few of those people then organize regular tours to bring groups of strangers to precisely those incriminating places! One would expect them to try everything to keep people away ...

Kindle formatting: Poor. No cover, no table of contents, no chapter marks in the progress bar. Some annoying conversion errors: indent is constantly changing, sometimes 3 different indents within a couple of sentences! (ex: end of chapter 5) Position of chapter headings is not consistent.

Editing: Some typos and missing words, the character TJ is spelled "TJ", "T J", "T. J.", "T.J", Porsche is Porche ...

Chris almost dies in the desert while taking a day hike. That's when she meets Susan, a doctor who treated her after being found barely clinging to life after her ordeal. Susan runs a two-week desert survival course that she invites Chris to attend. Since Chris is having relationship troubles with her cop girlfriend, she decides to go. She calls it a self-improvement course.

A motley crew of 7 women gather together in an abandoned prison out in the Mojave desert. This is where things get fun. And, I mean funny. I laughed out loud throughout the introduction phase of the course. Tyler does a good job of developing the characters of each of the women. We really get to know their personalities and the author's wit. Then things turn nasty. I won't go into what happens because I don't want to give anything away, but you can feel the tension.

This is one of those books you won't want to put down until it's through. Probably the only part of the book I thought was lacking was the prologue, six months afterwards. It doesn't appear to be well thought out - more like a gimmick ending that the book could have done without. That being said, I look forward to reading more of Tyler's work.

I am not sure what to think of the book, ultimately. I found it hard to get into but was intrigued when it turned from a run of the mill lesbian romance/fiction into something quite different. Part mystery, part romance. In the end, I guess I liked it because it was NOT predictable. If you are looking for a story that is a little different, and definitely not a sappy romance, try it.

Cynthia Tyler has written an intriguing and engaging story, with lots of "Oh My God!" moments. The characters are fun and funny, each having their own agenda and little quirks. The setting is very interesting (an abandoned prison in the middle of the desert) and adds a definite sense of danger and mystery to the events that happen. I especially loved how the women were very human in the way they dealt with the situations they were put in -- they had moments of heroism and insecurity, and the author balanced this wonderfully in each character. The only reason that I am giving this story 4 stars instead of 5 is because I had three full pages missing in my download.

"Finding Polaris" was a great read, filled with plot twists and intriguing characters. Told in compelling, straight forward prose, Cynthia Tyler crafts this tale methodically supporting the action with characters that made me laugh as much as it kept me on the edge. The setting is perfect for suspense: a forgotten desert boom town complete with an abandoned prison, empty tract homes and, of course, a dangerous mine shaft. Seven women struggle to find meaning in the heat of the star filled night ultimately bound together by danger and the strength of their convictions. I completely enjoyed it and look forward to more of Tyler's work.

Started a bit slow and strange. I almost returned it without finishing it, but I told myself to hang in as it had potential. Then it opened up into an exciting read. I couldn't put it down.

This is about a group of lesbian women who take a survival course and in the process discover an ugly secret that threatens their lives. It's a suspense novel and, in my opinion, a cut above the usual lesbian offerings (that I won't be bothering to review - if I can't get past the sample I won't waste my reading time). I loved the scenes where Chris and Jane encounter a crazy man covered with cameras who seemly comes out of nowhere in the ghost town and I especially love the ride Chris takes with the marine. Because the writing is pretty good and it's really funny I'm looking forward to the next one. Five stars worth of fun.

Kind of an odd book from start to finish. I finished this a week ago and i am still shaking my head.

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