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The Middle of Somewhere epub ebook

by Clifford Henderson

The Middle of Somewhere epub ebook

Author: Clifford Henderson
Category: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (January 5, 2009)
Pages: 241 pages
ISBN: 1602820473
ISBN13: 978-1602820470
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 394
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The Middle of Somewhere book.

The Middle of Somewhere book. Clifford is her grandmother’s name as well, not a stage name. In this book she skillfully combines the zaniness of improv humor with the theme of the universal need to express who we really are despite what society thinks-and all the ways that we prevent ourselves from doing so.

The Middle of Somewhere Paperback – 5 Jan 2009. by Clifford Henderson (Author)

The Middle of Somewhere Paperback – 5 Jan 2009. by Clifford Henderson (Author). The only problem is she never makes it past Texas.

The Middle of Somewhere. Richard LaBonte, Book Marks

The Middle of Somewhere. About Clifford Mae. Baffled by reality, Clifford Mae Henderson has fashioned a life where she can spend most of her time in make believe. Her novels have garnered numerous awards including a Foreword Magazine Gold Medal Book of the Year, an Independent Publisher’s Book Award, a Golden Crown Literary Award, a Rainbow Award, and several Lesbian Fiction Reader’s Choice Awards. Richard LaBonte, Book Marks. While the author addresses serious issues, is fun, fun, fun! The playfulness, curiosity and fresh naivety as portrayed through the eyes of the storyteller is refreshing and often humorous.

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Pepper with a hot love interest and a dash of greed, and what you get is Eadie T. Pratt’s road trip gone awry.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Joy Division Form (And Substance).

Clifford Henderson, Clifford Mae Henderson. Saints & Sinners: New Fiction from the Festival 2014. Her car breaks down in 'The Middle of Somewhere'. Eadie and the quirky people she meets couldn't be more alien to each other. Clifford Henderson, . Beranek, Robert Hyers, Sally Bellerose. Women of the Mean Streets. Carsen Taite, Laura Lippman, Lori L. Lake, Kendra Sennett, Jeane Harris, Miranda Kent, Victoria A. Brownworth, Lindy Cameron, Anne Laughlin, Ali Vali, Clifford Henderson, Diane Anderson-Minshall. Henderson draws them beautifully - in picturesque detail

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Eadie T. Pratt sets out on a road trip in search of a new life and ends up in the middle of somewhere she never expected.
Reviews (7)
Good little book populated with quirky characters in a tiny Texas town over a very hot summer. It is just a fun read, and is easy to visualize both the town and its colorful inhabitants.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It was very entertaining and well written. I don't always expect to find that in the "pulp fiction" category. Additionally, there was romance, but no sex; the book was about a story rather than titillation.

I was fortunate enough to hear Clifford read from and discuss her book at the Jewel book club in Dallas. She certainly has more stories to tell and all of us at the book club encouraged her to consider a sequel!

Wooden Purple Romeo
The story was very well written and some laugh out loud moments. I listened to the audiobook from Audible.

Okay - I'll admit that I didn't buy this book when it was first issued because I thought Clifford Henderson was a man. Call me short-sighted, but I'm not convinced that a man can write lesbian fiction with any authenticity. In that case, why would he want to? As soon as I saw that Clifford is a woman, I immediately ordered the book and I'm very glad I did.

Eadie Pratt disassembles her life after the end of a disastrous relationship, takes her 1966 T-Bird and a travel trailer, and heads to a Womyn's festival in Michigan. The only problem is she never makes it past Texas. Her car breaks down and she has no money. She is `saved' by two spinster sisters who are trying to do the Lord's work. As she tries to earn her keep and get her car fixed, Eadie meets the eclectic and beautiful Cadence, a woman who is searching for her birth mother in the small town of Rauston, TX.

There are so many nuances in the story that I couldn't begin to outline them here. There are lots of colorful characters, small-town Texas habits and attitudes, low-tech rural living and two generous women named Piggin and Heifer. All of these ingredients, and more, combine to create something unique and special.

Bottom Line - A real stand-out book for this genre and Bold Strokes Books. Certainly one author I'll follow as her career progresses.

...and wouldn't give it back! He's a very opinionated, well-read guy and loved the characters, as did I. The main character, Eadie T. Pratt, is endearing and real. I was surprised to find that one of the people reviewing this book found her unchanged by the end. For me, her transformation is clear and authentic. As a reader my own biases were challenged by the multidimensional portraits Henderson creates of each individual. No one is predictable. I was changed by the end. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway!) I highly recommend this book!

Of all the books I've read lately about twenty-something lesbians, this one rang the most true. I really enjoyed this. Eadie T. Pratt, with a name you've gotta love, is on her way to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival in her T-bird named Pepper and pulling her trailer, "The Egg." She breaks down in the middle of nowhere, discovers the kindness of strangers, and manages to find herself. A nice easy read, but not a one-night stand. There's real substance to this book and it's refreshing to read something that takes its time to unfold.

What an entertaining and compelling read! Unusual, engaging characters combine with a story that's far out while universal at the same time, with unexpected plot twists and many belly laughs. I found myself slowing down my reading towards the end so that it wouldn't be over. I hope this book will not be limited to the "Lesbian fiction" shelf, as both Eadie T. Pratt and her creator, Clifford Henderson, deserve a wider audience.

Eadie Pratt is running from a broken relationship in San Francisco and is headed for the Womyn's Music Festival in Michigan to forget her problems. Unfortunately, she's driving a junk car that is hauling a junk trailer and she breaks down in Rauston, Texas. Rauston is one of those small towns that the major highways have bypassed, peopled mostly by folks who know everything about each other and are willing to forgive most of their eccentricities. While she tries to work off the money to pay for her car repairs, Eadie is taken in by two sisters, nicknamed
Piggin and Heifer, who treat her like a member of the family. She befriends an odd assortment of friends, including a mentally deficient boy, a teenage boy with an abusive father, and Cadence, a computer whiz who is in town searching for her birth mother. As Eadie and Cadence become more involved with each other, they also uncover a scandal that could rock the whole town. Eadie never planned to become attached to these people and their lives, but she feels an obligation to try and save them.

Clifford Henderson has created a story full of quirky, interesting characters from the sisters to the Baptist minister to darker characters in the book. She captures the atmosphere of a small Southern town and the life that tends to occur in one extremely well. They make the book fun to read and the different plot points blend together to create a believable story. The major flaw unfortunately is Eadie. Her negative attitude when she first encounters the town is understandable based on what has just happened in her life. The fact that she starts off making snide, dismissive comments about the town and its people leads the reader to the impression that her behavior will change as she comes to understand what they are truly like. That isn't what happens however. Perhaps Henderson intended to create a character that didn't grow. The people, especially the sisters, go to tremendous effort to help Eadie any way that they can, but no matter how nice they are to her she continues to denigrate them all. Though she eventually comes to think better of the sisters, she maintains her immature attitude and her behavior is so irritating that it distracts from the story.

This book is available in audio format and that actually enhanced the story for this reader. After reading the book it left a rather negative impression of the entire work. Listening to the author reading her own words gave an emphasis to characters and story points that didn't come off of the printed page. This improved the reviewer's opinion of the book if not the reaction to Eadie.

The Middle of Somewhere is actually a fairly strong story. If the reader isn't bothered by Eadie's behavior, then the book should provide several hours of entertaining reading.

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