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Midnight Rain epub ebook

by Peggy J. Herring

Midnight Rain epub ebook

Author: Peggy J. Herring
Category: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Bella Books (August 1, 2005)
Pages: 222 pages
ISBN: 159493021X
ISBN13: 978-1594930218
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 633
Other formats: mbr lit doc lrf

By: Peggy J. Herring. All five of them laughed. Consuelo set the deck of cards down and lit the cigar.

By: Peggy J. smoke rings that drifted in the air through the light from the lamp, making her look like a. seedy gambler. Bridget couldn't help but be fascinated by her.

Peggy J. Herring lives on seven acres in south Texas with her cockatiel, hermit crabs, two wooden cats and several chickens. When she isn't writing Peggy enjoys traveling. She is the recipient of an Alice B. Medal and author of over a dozen romantic novels. Books by Peggy J. Mor. rivia About Midnight Rain.

ISBN 10: 159493021X ISBN 13: 9781594930218. Publisher: Bella Books, 2005.

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On a dark October night in the San Antonio College parking lot, Bridget McBee is confronted by a stranger

On a dark October night in the San Antonio College parking lot, Bridget McBee is confronted by a stranger. Out of nowhere, a car pulls to a screeching halt and the man threatening Bridget finds himself staring into the barrel of a gun-from the hands of a woman towering over them.

On a dark October night in the San Antonio College parking lot, Bridget McBee is confronted by a man who sends fear and terror tumbling deep into the pit of her stomach.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a car pulls to a screeching halt and the man threatening Bridget finds himself staring into the barrel of a gun a gun in the hands of a woman who is now towering over the both of them. Within moments, the woman with the gun has subdued the man and is ensuring that Bridget is unharmed. After dropping a business card in Bridgets lap, the mysterious woman disappears as quickly as she had arrived.

Now several days later, Bridget McBee is determined to find the woman who saved her life. Too bad theres only three words printed on that card certainly not enough information to identify her hero

Reviews (7)
Peggy Herring should be considered a major author today. Not a major lesbian author, but an author to everyone. Not only does she write an excellent story, but also each book she publishes shows an improvement in style and storytelling ability. Unlike some authors, she is not stuck in a formula that appears in her books one after another until you can predict what the story is going to be before you open the cover. Her latest offering to prove this is Midnight Rain.

Men are attacking women in San Antonio, much as they are in every US city, but San Antonio suddenly has a difference. An unknown avenger, who identifies herself only as Kate the Lesbian, is rescuing the women. KTL, as the press dubs her, is the rescuer that everyone hopes will show up to save him or her at the last minute when there is trouble. Clad all in black and driving a sleek black sports car, she appears out of nowhere, confident, in control of the situation and toting a big gun. Once she stops the assault, she makes sure the women are cared for, the police called and then she takes the men away. The police seem more concentrated on the fact that she is kidnapping the men than that she is saving the women; however, the women know she has changed their lives and left an indelible print on each one. Most of the book is about how four of the women join forces to find Kate to thank her for what she has done. Then they unexpectedly find themselves able to thank Kate by rescuing her from the police who are hunting her and the news media, which is searching for any evidence about her.

Although the women discover that Kate apparently has a preference for helping lesbians, this should not be considered a "lesbian" novel. This is a book about women bonding. It is about women joining together to be stronger and to overcome devastating fear. This is not a brooding, dark book, however. It contains numerous humorous episodes as the women come to know each other, feel attractions they sometimes cannot explain, and especially when they employ a curandera, a type of wise-woman or seer, to help them. One of the group insists on referring to her as "the witch" and finds herself banned pouting to another room during an important meeting because she is "blocking the flow." Secondary characters are few in this book, but they are interesting, especially the curandera.

People often say they couldn't put a book down. This book is so compelling that you keep thinking about it. This review was driven by a need to write about this book. If you read it, you will probably find yourself thinking long afterwards: This was a really great story.

Herring is one of the better authors in the lesbian fiction genre. Her books span a variety of time periods, situations, and types of characters. Knowing that, I generally look forward to reading her stuff. However, 'Midnight Rain' seems to fall a little short of her typical magic.

This book is about four women who come together after being rescued from a potential rape situation by "Kate the Lesbian," a mysterious woman they would like to thank. The members of this foursome happen to all be lesbians. As such, they have conflicting and ever-changing romantic feelings for each other as they search for their saviour. "Kate" seems to bring them together, but then seems to be a small part of the overall story. (Note: The back cover leads the reader to believe Bridget, a main character, falls for the mystery woman, but this isn't even close to what really happens.)

It's a good book if you're into mysteries and just knowing characters on the surface. However, if you like to delve into character complexity and prefer torrid romances, pick another Herring book.

Four women with something in common come together with a purpose. Lupita Ochoa, Bridget McBee, Jane Whitley, and Gwen Bordovsky each have been attacked and nearly raped. Their bond? They all have been rescued by one gorgeous woman who leaves a calling card. Once each of their situations is under control, the woman in black flees the scene of the assault with the women's attackers locked safely in the trunk of her Maserati Spyder, and with police and paramedics on the way.

When these four women meet, they ban together to try to find the woman they call Kate the Lesbian because of the calling card she leaves behind. Their sole purpose is to meet "Kate" and thank her for saving their lives, but they soon find out that their rescuer needs a bit of rescuing herself. The police are focusing on the fact that their attackers have been kidnapped and are missing, and among the missing are two prominent men, a judge and a banker.

The women who have been helped by Kate are ordinary folks. One has only begun to think of herself as a lesbian while the other three are more comfortable with their lesbianism. However, none of them would likely strike out alone and end up doing the things that they do as a group in pursuit of their goal-to find Kate.

As the story unfolds, we find that Bridget and Lupita are the voices of reason. Jane and Gwen are spontaneous and impulsive. This combination leads them all on adventure that brings with it healing from the trauma of their attacks and new meaning in their lives as they try to help the mysterious woman who rescued each of them. Only by taking an extreme measure, suggested by Lupita, do the women finally get their first break toward finding Kate. At times their interactions are madcap, at other times, poignant. In spite of themselves, some among the group find romance in the midst of the growing chaos that ensues.

This story is an entertaining, easy read. The characters are interesting, all of them very different from one another. The entire story is told from Bridget's point of view, which is an interesting choice on the part of the author because she is the character with the most recessive personality. In the end, we find out that Kate the Lesbian isn't who we thought she was, and more importantly, that the four women have grown and healed during the course of their adventure.

Don't miss this new entry from Peggy J. Herring. It's a quirky, thrilling little adventure with twists and turns. It will make you laugh and make you sigh, but most of all, it will make you root for this unlikely bunch to triumph.

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