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A New Lu (Red Dress Ink Novels) epub ebook

by Laura Castoro

A New Lu (Red Dress Ink Novels) epub ebook

Author: Laura Castoro
Category: United States
Language: English
Publisher: Red Dress Ink; Original edition (February 22, 2005)
Pages: 400 pages
ISBN: 0373895143
ISBN13: 978-0373895144
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 419
Other formats: lrf mbr lrf mobi

I’m about to turn 50. I’m recently divorced . A New Lu (Red Dress Ink). Written with wit and wisdom, "A New Lu" makes a grand entrance into the Chick Lit genre with a cast of delightful, well-developed characters and laugh out loud humorand is a delight to read. Shortly before her fiftieth birthday Lu thinks the only difficulty in her life will be adjusting to being divorced, she never dreams she will have to do that while carrying an 'oops' child.

com User, May 29, 2005. Written with wit and wisdom, "A New Lu" makes a grand entrance into the Chick Lit genre with a cast of delightful, well-developed characters and laugh out loud humor.

Series: Red Dress Ink Novels. I am still despondent that the Red Dress Ink line was discontinued. Paperback: 256 pages. Nothing brought a smile to my face like opening my mailbox to find my monthly arrivals waiting for me. If I weren't already a fan of Laura Caldwell's books, The Night I Got Lucky would have made me one. Billy Rendell is a character anyone can relate to and I found myself empathizing with her immensely.

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A New Lu (Red Dress Ink Novels) By Laura Castoro.

Shipping to Russian Federation. A New Lu (Red Dress Ink Novels) By Laura Castoro.

Laura is a successful author with more than 34 books in publication. She has written in several genres, including westerns, nonfiction, mainstream fiction and historical and contemporary romance. She has written in several genres, including westerns, nonfiction, mainstream fiction and historical and contemporary romance view moreLaura is a successful author with more than 34 books in publication.

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A New Lu by Laura Castoro released on Feb 22, 2005 is available now for purchase.
Reviews (7)
What I liked best about this book was the biting sense of humor the character Lu displays. She's funny, smart, and realistic about life. She's older and she doesn't make the same stupid mistakes as the "predictable" younger heroines of most romances. She's not jaded, even though she's knocked up by her ex. I think she has an admirable spirit and a hopeful attitude that makes the reader want to find out how her journey ends. The other characters in this book are well developed and each person has a very believable reaction upon learning of Lu's pregnancy. When it comes to family members, even your own kids - you can expect anything from fear and anger to pity and acceptance. I did think William was a little too accommodating, but I guess he saw what he wanted and he wasn't willing to let anything deter him from his prize. Ms. Castoro has mastered the art of writing about older heroines, and this one certainly didn't disappoint. And guess what? You don't have to be 50 to appreciate it. I recommend it for women of all ages.

A New Lu by Laura Castoro is a fresh, clever and very funny "coming of age" novel for the hen lit set. While the heroine was a fifty year old woman, the basic truths of the story should appeal to a broad age bracket.
Lu, the story's reluctant poster gal for the graying set, is witty and wise and highly likeable. The tale offers a loveable cast of characters as support, and a plot that is full of wry truths. I found this to be one of those books I couldn't wait to get back to, and I am definitely reading more by Castoro.

I really wanted to like this book. The author is a good writer, but I did not like the main character. She was much too self absorbed and I could not find any endearing qualities. After the first couple of chapters, I skimmed through the book, hoping it will get more interesting, but just could not finish it.

I thoroughly enjoyed A New Lu! Light-hearted and romantic with just enough sexual tension to let us know that Lu is very much alive without being distasteful. The book moves fast and delivers some laugh out loud moments as well as poignant moments that reminded me of some conversations I had with my mother before she died. A fun read.

Very funny read! Love the writer's style. Highly relate-able for women hitting the 50 mark. Will definitely purchase another book by LAURA CASTORO.........AWESOME!!

Laura Castoro is an amazing author! I can't put this book down! Her descriptions are so clear that you can visualize her every word!

In Upper Montclair, New Jersey, Lu Nichols works part-time at Five-O magazine for the mature woman. She and her long time husband Jacob recently divorced, but not before one for the road. Their firstborn Dallas is driving Lu crazy with her marriage plans. Her new boss Tai Leigh is sarcastically sweet most of the time and condescending when she fakes being nice.

As Tai decides that the almost fifty Lu needs a makeover that the magazine will exploit, the victim feels nauseous but assumes bad oysters is the cause. However, her gorgeous doctor proves otherwise as that last fling with Jacob has left Lu pregnant. Her ex hides; her oldest is mortified; her boss wants Lu to provide a series of articles on the pregnant mature woman. Though all this Lu keeps on ticking and growing.

This chick lit turns fifty tale will give readers a pregnant pause that is everyone except the optimistic Lu who keeps her sanity through humorous asides mostly to herself (and the audience). The story line is fun to follow because Lu pulls off the role of mature chickster. However, her aplomb also leaves the relational "tensions" with her daughter and former husband over the unborn look limpid. Sub-genre fans will laugh with Lu, a pregnant fifty years old stand up comedic Pollyanna.

Harriet Klausner

Tallulah Nichols is turning 50. Instead of winding-down, her life is full of drama. She is divorcing her husband, then her magazine is infiltrated by a youth-obsessed boss who wants Tallulah to be the plastic surgery guinea pig. She becomes pregnant from a last fling with her ex and decides to keep the baby. She then has to deal with her son who is a career student, her soon to be wed daughter Dallas, her old neighbor Cy who proposes to her, a gynecologist who is mad for her and her job - where Tai (the boss) decides to exploit the pregnancy for increased circulation! Lu makes it through all and even marries the Dcotor in the end - with her new daughter safe and healthy in her arms.

I didn't think I would be able to relate to a character this much older than I am, (and pregnant to boot), but the story was well-handled and developed. The slow progression between Lu and the doctor was believable, as were the reactions of family, friends and her boss. My only criticisms would be having too many characters and the stereotypical Spanglish of her friend Andrea - who lent nothing to the story.

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