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A Chance of Sunshine (Creative Editions) epub ebook

by Fu-Bin Liao,Jimmy Liao

A Chance of Sunshine (Creative Editions) epub ebook

Author: Fu-Bin Liao,Jimmy Liao
Category: History & Criticism
Language: English
Publisher: Creative Co (March 1, 2000)
Pages: 132 pages
ISBN: 156846133X
ISBN13: 978-1568461335
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 841
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A Chance of Sunshine (Paperback). Published January 1st 1999 by Creative Education. Paperback, 132 pages. Author(s): Jimmy Liao.

A Chance of Sunshine (Paperback). ISBN: 156846133X (ISBN13: 9781568461335).

A Chance of Sunshine book. Jimmy Liao is a treasure and he has a way of conveying emotion and authenticity in his illustrations that speaks to both children and adults

A Chance of Sunshine book. Jimmy Liao is a treasure and he has a way of conveying emotion and authenticity in his illustrations that speaks to both children and adults. I adore this book and it leaves me with a bright sense of hope. Two parallel lines might join someday".

Sound of Colors - Jimmy Liao. Jimmy Liao - A Chance of Sunshine. Kim Min Ji, Creative Illustration, Book Illustration, Cousins, Love Art, Taipei, Female Art, Picture Books, Illustrators. Jimmy Liao, O som das cores. illustrated, but beautiful nonetheless) - Owyn the Intern. Root and Twig: Books! Sound of Colors - Jimmy Liao. Books Art Land Art Girl Reading Book Kids Reading Poster Children's Book Illustration Landscape Illustration I Love Books Painting.

The cover and the book pages were all good when.

Jimmy Liao was born in Taipei, Taiwan and received a degree in design from the Chinese Culture University. He is the author and illustrator of over fifteen hugely popular books that have been translated into English, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, and Thai.

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Jimmy Liao is a Taiwanese illustrator born in. La Noche Estrellerada by. . La Noche Estrellerada by Jimmy Liao. When you lose all sense of self the bonds of a thousand chains will vanish Lose yourself completely return to the roof of the root of your own soul. Couple Illustration Woman Illustration Creative Illustration Children's Book Illustration Cool Doodles Collages Caricature Book Design Photo Art. Jimmy Liao. The illustrated book A Chance of Sunshine by Taiwanese author Jimmy Liao 向左走·向右走 幾米. A Chance Of Sunshine 10 in A Chance Of Sunshine Calendars album :: photos and posters in Asian Movies Gallery. Turn Left, Turn Right my-book-shelf.

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I appreciate very much for the favor that Arch Read has done for me! It is a miracle to be able to receive the book in 3 days from USPS so that I can pack the book and give to my friend in time, and it really has made my day.

The item has not yet arrived. I'm worried. This is the first time that I've had to wait such a long time for an item to arrive. I fear that it may be lost.

Jimmy Liao's books are so beautiful and expressive through complex, yet simple, imagery. This book is exactly the same as his "A Chance of Love," so if you already have "A Chance of Love" ... you won't need this one. The front cover image here is the same image that was included in the book.

A Chance of Sunshine is one my favorite books. It depicts our encountering in life. Though we have different ways, backgrounds,... destiny will lead us to our other-halves. When first I read this book at a bookstore in Taiwan, I was touched by the romance of this young man-woman, They have contrast habit, one likes to walk towards right, another towards left. One day they meet, yet got separated. Unable to stay longer in their cold room, they decide to leave. Destiny leads them to be together once again. After got thorough with this book, I realize life is so beautiful. If you want to be touched too, read it.

Usually, people can "read" more from pictures than jsut from text. Jimmy's artwork is the typical example for this "reading habit". While people are trying to tell the difference from signify and signified, Jimmy's book breaks it all.
Wonderful artwork, beautiful story, reasonable logic. Mostly, readers can hardly distinquish the nationality differentiality. Isn't that great?
However, for most readers who are not familiar with this book, I suggest strongly, it'd be better to have this book's front cover on this page. Some short introductions even better. That helps a lot.

I love Jimmy Liao a lot. He always put sad thing in a lighter way and give you a sense of hope at the end. This book is relaxing and has the power to comfort people who is still in search of true love. The drawing is interesting, so it is a book for adults, as well as for kids. It's like a song, you can read it over and over again whenever you feel in need of comfort, and you won't be disappointed.

I love the Chinese version of the book, so I decided to order the English version for a good friend. I was shocked to see that the English translation was terrible. It is over simplified, and loses the original meaning and feel. I recommend the original Chinese version of the book, and find a friend or someone who knows Chinese to translate it for you (it's not all that hard!).

I do like this story, althought it's simple. Jimmy did a good job in describing an usual life in unusaul way. Just like those who live in a big city, we don't even have a chance to know or to talk to someone we meet everyday, on bus or even in the same apartment.
I am happy that Jimmy got the chance to introduce his masterpiece to the world. Also, I wish that we can get the chance to read all his other books in English version.

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