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Fiction, Literature

The Shadows of Power epub ebook

by James W. Huston

The Shadows of Power epub ebook

Author: James W. Huston
Category: Genre Fiction
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (June 2002)
ISBN: 0060098201
ISBN13: 978-0060098209
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 985
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I recommend it to others. Houston does a superb job with the action type stories. Published on March 27, 2014.

James W. Huston was an excellent author with just the right balance between action and building the characters. I recommend it to others.

The Shadows of Power. Lieutenant Ed Stovic, an F/A-18 pilot, is vectored to intercept Algerians who are defending their newly claimed two-hundred-mile territorial limit. To save his country and his friend, Rat must devise a brilliant counterstrike-a mission in which failure means certain death.

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com User, August 24, 2005. This knowledge makes the book authentic and exciting

com User, August 24, 2005. This book is a thriller! it will send your adreniline racing. This knowledge makes the book authentic and exciting.

The Shadows of Power - James W Huston. Lieutenant Ed Stovic stared at his name on the flight schedule in his squadron’s ready room aboard the USS Harry S. Truman. A similar picture was right in front of Stovic. All Stovic and Bruno needed to see where the MiGs were was electrical power. He shook his head, moving his oxygen mask back and forth slightly.

Other books by james w. huston. Other author's books: The Shadows of Power. He was listed as the wingman for Commander Pete Bruno, the squadron commanding officer. Stovic hardly ever flew on Bruno’s wing. Book Title . Author's Name.

Huston, James W. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

Shadows of Power James Perloff 1. Camp Constitution.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. The Shadows of Power: A Novel.

Reviews (7)
James W. Huston was an excellent author with just the right balance between action and building the characters. His background and experiences add to the authenticity of what is happening. Each book of his I read has made me want to read more!

I liked this one a lot inspite of some extraneous action in the "halls of power" which is never fully explained or developed. I don't really care about some of the political power plays within the administration and they don't do much to move the story along. I am a private pilot so any book which involves flying always attracts my interest and the flying in this book is well done, as it should be because the prinicpal pilots are none other than members of the elite US Navy Demonstration Team -The Blue Angels and the author is a Top Gun graduate.
Lt. Ed Stovic while involved in testing Algeria's claim to a 200 mile territorial limit shoots down an Algerian MIG-23. While the circumstances of the shoot down are less than heroic to my thinking, Stovic is treated as a hero by his nation and the Navy and Stovic himself is more than happy to bask in the glory. This changes when he learns that Ismael Nezzar, the brother of the Algerian pilot who was killed in the action is not taking the loss well and in fact has decided to kill Stovic.
Ismael was studying in the United States (where else) when all of this begins and he therefore gets to watch the combat camera film of his brother's MIG being blown out of the sky every 10 minutes on CNN. He later learns of the fairly horrific way his brother died as he tried to escape from his burning plane. Initially, if one is to have sympathy between the two characters, Ismael has some things going for him.
Enter Kent Rathman, the third major character in the book. Rathman a/k/a "Rat". Rathman is the consumate counter-terrorist operative whose prior history (Navy SEAL) is never fully explained, but wherever he acquired the knowledge to put together an anti-terrorist organization which is more effective than those of major governments is beside the point. If the Rat is on your case, you are in serious trouble. The Rat is assigned by the White House to protect Stovic. Just to bring it full circle they were classmates at the Naval Academy.
It isn't long before Rat is earning his money in protecting Stovic. Then, soon after his return to the States Stovic is offerred a chance to fly Number 6 for The Blue Angels. The words "no thanks" never occur to him even though they do to his wife, who is less than thirlled with this assignment.
Ismael sees the opportunity, not only to avenge his brother, but to make a poitical statement in organizing an attack against the flying team at one of the most prestigioius air shows in the world, The Paris Air Show.
The balance of the book is a cat and mouse hunt for the Algerians whom everyone knows are waiting to bring the Angels to earth which focuses more on Rat's character who educates Stovic about how the war against terrorisim is fought. After a particularly brutal interrogation of an Algerian by Rat which Stovic witnesses and complains about, Rat advises him: " Look. What you do is important. I'm just telling you that today, most of the defense of the United States is done where you don't see it. And now that you've seen just a little of it, you're shocked...The world used to fight with armies, and uniforms, and rules... Not anymore. Ever since the World Trade Center, when the War on Terrorism got going, we started seeing that things were going to be different. Snake eaters like me ARE the front lines, because there aren't any front lines. And it's dirty and it's ugly. And we're wrong now and then, just like pilots are. But were where the fight is."
He has a point and he continues to make it throughout the book. Plenty of action for those who like this type of book. I do and I did. I think you will too.

Enjoyed the story with excellent
Portrayal of middle East ability to wage war against U.S. military. Author understand s the mindset of person needing revenge

What can you say about James W. Huston. Great stuff!

I loved this story. Regardless how good our pilots might be, their actions in conflict can have unpredicable consequences such as in this book. Great story line.

I am now reading all of James W. Huston's books

Husband loved it.

Right up there with Vince Flynn and Brad Thor. I'm really glad I found this author. Good story line and plot.

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