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Praise to the Man (Work and the Glory) epub ebook

by Gerald N. Lund

Praise to the Man (Work and the Glory) epub ebook

Author: Gerald N. Lund
Category: Genre Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Bookcraft Pubs (November 1, 1995)
Pages: 9 pages
ISBN: 0884949990
ISBN13: 978-0884949992
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 794
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The Work and the Glory is a nine-part novel series by Gerald N. Lund. It chronicles the birth and early growth of Mormonism through the fictional Steed family.

The Work and the Glory is a nine-part novel series by Gerald N. The Steeds, throughout the series, meet and come to know many of the prominent early Church members well. The series covers 20 years and opens in 1827, when the Steeds move from Vermont to western New York state. It ends in 1847, when they settle in the Salt Lake Valley. The storyline also includes both fictional and historical events.

Book Six: The Work and the Glory - Praise to the Man. The Work and the Glory - Praise to the Man. Preface.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from the publisher, Deseret. Book Six: The Work and the Glory - Praise to the Man. Characters of Note in This Book.

Gerald Lund received his . Volume 6 of the Work and the Glory gives an excellent description of the events and people involved leading up to the martyr of the prophet Joseph Smith. degrees in sociology from Brigham Young University, and has done post-graduate work in the New Testament and Hebrew at Pepperdine University and the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, California. Employed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints' Church Educational System (CES) for many years, he has been a seminary teacher, an institute teacher and director, a curriculum writer, a director of college curriculum, and a zone administrator.

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Written with a dramatic intensity and an eye for historical detail that thousands of readers have come to appreciate in previous volumes, Praise to the Man - volume 6 in the series The Work and the Glory - follows the story of the restored Church and of the ficitonal Steed family from the summer of 1841 to the summer of 1844.

Gerald Lund has a gift with words that transport you into his novels. You are left overwhelmed as every one of your senses is awakened and aroused by every character, the time, the setting, and the storyline. It is a must on your personal Library shelf. оставлен christygoing07. No Unhallowed Hand by Gerald N.

Follow the Steed family on their incredible journey from New York to the Salt Lake Valley. The Work And The Glory Gerald Lund 9 Volume Hardcover Set Vol 1. Pillar of Light 2. Like a Fire is Burning 3. Truth will Prevail 4. Thy Gold To Refine 5. A seson of Joy 6. Praise The Man 7. No Unhallowed Hand 8. So Great a Cause 9. All is Well (The Work And The Glory, Complete 9 Volume set). To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

The Mormon problem was solved. As news of the internal dispute over who should be the next leader leaked out, the anti-Mormons rejoiced. Surely this was the first sign of the foundation cracking. Surely this was the first sign of the foundation cracking ven when Brigham Young- Brigham who? they scoffed-took over the reins, it did not raise their anxieties much. Whatever else they might have said about him, however strongly they may have hated him, no one disputed the fact that Joseph Smith was a powerful leader, and with his death the power was gone. But such was not the case.

Praise to the Man. (Book in the The Work and the Glory Series). The way Gerlad N. Lund creates the moods for this book are amazing, and I love it how he has so many stories and so many settings at the same time

Praise to the Man. Lund creates the moods for this book are amazing, and I love it how he has so many stories and so many settings at the same time. For example, at one given time, some of the family members are in Wisconsin, Palmyra, Nauvoo, on a ship, and a city in Illinois all at the same time, and Gerald N. Lund writes all of these seperate stories while combining them in a way that you don't get comfused.

Praise to the Man follows the story of the restored Church and the Steed family from the summer of 1841 to the summer of 1844. Some momentous events take place during this period in Church history: Nauvoo becomes an established city; the Relief Society is founded; the endowment is administered for the first time; Joseph Smith becomes a candidate for president of the United States and delivers his monumental King Follett Discourse. Meanwhile, dark forces outside and inside the Church are at work to destroy Joseph and the Restoration. Before the story ends, the powers of evil will have swept across the Church, taking out some in very high places, making some others waver, and taking Joseph and his brother Hyrum to their date with destiny in Carthage. Woven throughout these events are the lives of the Steeds. As Joshua sees the Mormons gaining more influence with his wife and children, his patience finally reaches the breaking point. Will must resolve his feelings for Jenny Pottsworth and his desire to know if the Church is true. New hope is born in Jessica's life when she is offered a new teaching position. Mary Ann and other Steed women participate in the beginnings of the Relief Society. But before long, whisperings reach the ears of some of the Steeds about curious teachings and practices going on in Nauvoo - specifically it is rumored that God may have restored the ancient practice of plural marriage. How will they respond when they find out that at least some of the rumors are true? The issue becomes a trial of faith that shakes the Steed family to its very roots. At the center of this volume are the final days of the life and mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Though heart-wrenching in its depiction of the Prophet's last hours on earth, it inspires admiration and affection for "the man who communed with Jehovah" and will fill readers with anticipation for that glorious time when, in the words of the hymn, "millions shall know 'Brother Joseph' again."
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So I've been married for roughly 15 years. I've been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Say Saints a bit longer. I've had the whole series of these books on a shelf most of that time and not once have I looked into their pages. I've been having trouble with my faith lately and wasn't sure if I was going to make it back! My wife, born in the church, has asked me to read these books FOREVER, but I just passed it off and never touched them! So thinking about my testimony I decided, let's check it out! I picked up this first book and started to read...The first few chapters were a little slow to me as the author introduces all the main characters, all of a sudden....I can't put this book down!!!! I've read it everyday, something's over and over. Something happened to me half way through this book! I found my testimony again!!! Holy cow I can't tell how reading this has energized my thoughts, prayers and faith! I absolutely needed this right now in my life! Don't be a procrastinator any longer!!!! If your faith in this LDS church is being tested, READ THIS BOOK!!!! You will NOT feel the same way at the end that you felt in the beginning! I wish I could thank the author!!! You are an AMAZING man and thank you for giving me my life back! Today I finished the first book and THIS is the person that I remember from my first experiences in the church! Many places caused the tears to flow as the characters situations reminded me of my own trials! I won't step backwards again!!!! Thank you!

PS....If you are not a member of the church, read the book and see what happens to your faith in God and Jesus Christ! There is no comparison! NONE!!!! Wow! Wow!

Wild Python
The Work and the Glory series of books are absolutely fantastic. They keep the reader entertained while spelling out a lot of LDS history. It is important to remember that they are fiction and not let the happenings of the Steed family influence your understanding of the history of the church, but even through their fictional eyes, there is a lot to be learned about the LDS church and its founder Joseph Smith, Jr. This series makes a great read for members and non members alike. It isn't preachy - just a great story centered around the beginnings of the LDS faith.

Love these books. They help me to get a better insight into the history of the church, and the author backs up his stories with citations, or lets you know which parts are purely fictional at the end of each chapter. I really feel like he tries to give as unbiased a story as possible, while still doing what he can for character development.

I read the first 8 books from the library and ended up purchasing volume 9 so I could read it (the library didn't own that one). After finishing the set, I felt I wanted to own it in anticipation of rereading it and sharing it with family. I highly recommend this book and the whole series. This one will really make you cry, but I won't spoil it for those not familiar with Latter Day Saint history.

I don't normally read fictional books but this has to be the fictional book I have ever read. It contains Romance and turmoil all mixed together and bills to a climax of a happy ending that left tears in my eyes. Fiction to me is only entertainment but I'm amazed at the emotions did it brought out in me.

Excellently written. Having been a Mormon all my life, it wasn't until I read this novel that I was converted to Joseph Smith's story. Gerald Lund makes all the emotions come alive. Readers will feel the struggle of this family moving to a new home and having to start from the bare earth to clear land, plant crops, and provide shelter unlike today where all those things are ready made just for the buying. Enjoy reading the adventure they have before them.

Very enjoyable, engaging story about a fictional family that interacts with figures from the early history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The author obviously did a great deal of research and learned a lot about the personalities of the true-life people about whom he has written. The entire series is very educational. It brings actual historical events into a personal context that enables the reader to better understand those events and keep the timeline straight. In addition, the author portrays the fictional Steed family in realistic, believable, and intriguing situations that make the books very hard to put down!

Elder Lund has done an excellent job of capturing the early history of the church. You feel as though you know his charictors, and you can feel thier pain. Unlike many LDS books, he is not afraid to have his protaganists show doubt. Everything is not flowery and happy just because they have the gospel. In many ways the gospel tears them apart. It brings their family to the brink of ruin, and yet, faith endures. A touching story.

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