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Fiction, Literature

Innocent epub ebook

by Posie Graeme-Evans

Innocent epub ebook

Author: Posie Graeme-Evans
Category: Genre Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia; ANZ Only edition (September 15, 2010)
Pages: 416 pages
ISBN: 0731814738
ISBN13: 978-0731814732
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 463
Other formats: doc txt mobi lit

Posie Graeme-Evans has worked in the Australian film and television industry for the last twenty-five years as an. .Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Posie Graeme-Evans's books.

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Posie Graeme-Evans was born in England but travelled all over the world with her parents, a novelist and an Australian spitfire fighter pilot. Posie and Andrew Blaxland, her husband and creative partner, live in Tasmania.

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Posie Graeme-Evans olled and weighted down on his worktable. Mathew was a prudent man and his prosperity owed much to his sources of information. He tried not to spend much time at court-unless it was to petition the king personally, or some of the greater magnates about the trading interests of his house-but he had taken care to plant one or two trusted men in the Palace of Westminster.

by. Posie Graeme-Evans. Great Britain - History - Lancaster and York, 1399-1485 - Fiction. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Lotu Tii on February 6, 2013.

From the internationally bestselling author of "The Dressmaker "comes an unforgettable novel about a young archaeologist who unearths ancient secrets, a tragic romance, and Viking treasure on a remote Scottish island. One warm, rainy summer, Freya Dane, a PhD candidate in archaeology, arrives on the ancient Scottish island of Findnar. The thrilling climax to the trilogy that began with The Innocent and The Exiled brings Posie Graeme-Evans's bittersweet story of two lovers divided by the throne of England to its dramatic conclusion. As England tears itself apart in the War of the Roses, Anne de Bohun lives far from the intrigues of cities and courts.

The Innocent - Posie Graeme-Evans.

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She is best known as the creator and showrunner of McLeod's Daughters, the co-creator and co-producer of Hi-5, producing and creating.

She is best known as the creator and showrunner of McLeod's Daughters, the co-creator and co-producer of Hi-5, producing and creating Mirror, Mirror, and was Director of Drama for the Nine Network from 2002-2005. As an author she is known for six historical novels, published by NY based Simon & Schuster.

Reviews (7)
This is a work of romantic historical fiction that takes place in fifteenth century England. A young, barely conscious, and very pregnant gentlewoman is fleeing through the forest with another gentle woman. It all proves too much for the pregnant woman and she dies in the forest, but not before giving birth to a baby girl. The child is left with Deborah, a wise woman and healer who lives in the forest. Named Anne, the child is taught to read and write Latin and do sums by a local priest, while Deborah teaches her domestic skills.

When Anne is nearly fifteen, she is placed into service in the household of a wealth London merchant, Matthew Cuttifer, to attend his wife, the Lady Margaret. It is the Cuttifer household that Anne's fame as a skillful herbalist and healer take hold. When The King, himself, Edward IV, hears of Anne's skills, she is summoned to his castle to assist the Queen through the rigors of childbirth. It is through her service in his household that the King takes note of Anne's charms.

Before Anne knows it, she finds herself permanently ensconced in the palace. It is there that she awakens to love, as Edward IV has more than a platonic interest in her. It is also there that she discovers her true origins. This knowledge changes her life and conflicts her, as events occur that take on new meaning in the context of her new found knowledge. Fleeing her old life with all of its intrigues and dangers, she hopes to start a new one.

This is an interesting, fairly well-written work of romantic historical fiction that is steeped in period detail. It is the first in a trilogy of books. I enjoyed it and expect that I will be reading the remainder of the trilogy.

Posie Graeme-Evans has an incredible talent for blending a little bit of fiction with a large of amount of researched history to create spell- binding historical novels. The Innocent is the first of a trilogy (includes The Exiled and The Uncrowned Queen). These books allow today's readers to understand the many intricacies and nuances of past royal families. Women of noble birth were mercilessly groomed to "catch the eye" of the King, in order to benefit the family through the relationship, be it as eventual queen or as favorite mistress. However, in the blink of an eye, those fortunes could change - as could the fortunes of any King, who was constantly challenged to retain his kindomship. In The Innocent, the lady in question possesses a talent for herbal healing and as a result, finds the love of her life. All three of the books are intriguing, revelatory and just plain downright fun to read!

I am not a reader of romance novels, normally but thought I'd give this one a try. I find the characters pretty flat and Anne is, in my opinion, actually a little annoying. Worse than that, how believable is it that every man in the story from the semi-misogynistic boat captain to the King himself is so enamored with her? I mean, really. It's one thing to have a likeable heroine, it's quite another to have a goddess in a servant's body. If one more man declared her intriguing or alluring, I was going to chuck my Kindle out the window.

None of the characters had much personality, really. They were all cookie-cutter.

And yet...I read it. Aside from the irritation that was Ms. Perfect Anne, I read it and sort of enjoyed it. It's far from intellectually challenging, but it kept me reading anyway. I don't know how. I'm really at a loss on this one, because I did read it all the way through, so it couldn't have been too bad, but I wouldn't say it's a good book either.

I thought this was a fun entertaining read. Though this is not a romance novel, the author's beautiful prose makes it read like one. Yes, it has elements of romance but the love story was pretty much a backdrop to the heroine's story, IMO.

Set during the War of the Roses, this is a fun, fascinating tale of the life of a woman with a secret past that even she doesn't know about. The opening scene of a pregnant woman in labor being chased through the forest by mysterious soldiers bent on killing her sets the tone for this fantastic, witty, and engrossing tale. By the end I was eagerly awaiting the sequel! If you enjoy romantic historical's and want a fun, light, but engrossing tale, then this book's for you.

The Innocent is the first of a trilogy based on a fictitious lover of King Edward IV. The writing is not stellar and the sex scenes, while riveting, tended to embarrass me. All the same I read this and the subsequent two books in the series with great zeal and enjoyment and I was sorry when the last book drew to a close. We become fond of the characters in Posie Graeme-Evans trilogy and it's sad to say goodbye to them even though their speech, thought patterns and beliefs do not accurately reveal those of people in their position during the Medieval Period. Because of the quality of the writing I cannot imagine rereading them at a future date as I have with books whose presentation is more artistic and possesses more veracity. All the same, while I wouldn't recommend them to friends because it is hard to know a person's tolerance for mediocre writing, I wouldn't tell them NOT to read them either. Of the three The Innocent is the most poorly written but it's worth struggling through to become intimate with the characters that are better developed and more believable in the next two books. I gave it four stars because I fell so in love with Anne, King Edward IV, Deborah, Medieval London and Bruges and the author successfully allowed me to inhabit their lives.

I loved this book! Many twists and turns through out the compelling story.

Pretty good, and seemed to be historically accurate

Loved every minute of it, as love the tails of the English courts

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