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Nightfall (French Edition) epub ebook

by Mercier Christophe Goodis David

Nightfall (French Edition) epub ebook

Author: Mercier Christophe Goodis David
Category: Contemporary
Language: French
Publisher: Rivages; Noir edition (2009)
ISBN: 2743619856
ISBN13: 978-2743619855
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 910
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Nightfall, Cassidy's Girl, Night Squad by David Goodis 9781944520632. Condition: New. £1. 9.

Author(s): David Goodis.

In David Goodis's bruising crime novel The Secret Squad, Corey Bradford is on the skids and on a quick trip to. .

In David Goodis's bruising crime novel The Secret Squad, Corey Bradford is on the skids and on a quick trip to boozeland. He was a plainclothes cop who got caught with his hands in pockets where they didn't belong and he was pushed out the precinct door. But he was still just as fast with his mitts as he was his wits, and others took notice. The Wounded and the Slain.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Condition: Used: Good. Suffering from amnesia, Jim Vanning doesn't remember the murder for which he is wanted by the police.

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NIGHTFALL by David Goodis. Published in the United States by Vintage Books, a division of Random House, In. New York, and distributed in Canada by Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto. 1. It was one of those hot sticky nights that makes Manhattan show its age.

Christophe Mercier’s most popular book is About a Boy.

Books by Christophe Mercier. Showing 30 distinct works. He could remember the gun in his hand, the man in front of him, the shock of the explosion, and then the blood. He could remember the flight though the woods.

238pages. poche. broché.
Reviews (7)
Lost Python
David Goodis defies convention in the pages of Nightfall, a noirish tale of an innocent man pursued by both criminals and the police. Jim Vanning, Navy veteran and commercial artist, knows it's only a matter of time until he's captured by one or the other and must live every moment with the claustrophobic fear only the relentlessly hunted can understand. The unconventional aspect of this book derives from the persona of Fraser, the New York detective charged with bringing Vanning in. Quite remarkably, Fraser has developed sympathy for his quarry and takes it upon himself to go the extra mile and then some to help Vanning out.

The storyline to Nightfall takes several unexpected twists and turns along the way. Adding to Nightfall's considerable appeal is the no nonsense rapid fire dialogue Goodis has written for the various characters. All in all, this intriguing novel of crime and its unforseen consequences is a very worthwhile read. Had it not been for a number of overly contrived plot elements, it would deserve a 5 star rating.

Great story line, I recommend reading this before watching the film, this is a treasure of american writing and really does an amazing job of describing the scenes within it. Keeps you guessing until the end.

Nothing personal
Enjoyed it, but not overly thrilled by it. Will give another book by Goodis a try.......
Strange writing style made this a unique read.

This is one of those novels that is difficult to review without giving away spoilers, so I’ll try to just give commentary about the book.

Goodis’ protagonists and antiheroes have a way of wavering between two distinctly different paths amid life forces propelling them towards one ultimate choice. There is always a gray area in the antihero where we can see that while he is fallible, he is conscious of the world about him, even philosophical, and this gives him a sense of nobility. Such is the case with Nightfall’s protagonist, Jim Vanning, a 30-something man who is in quite a mix with some unruly, thuggish types when Nightfall begins.

It seems that Vanning has a past. Or does he? Something about a murder, Colorado, a broken down car and a big score, $300,000. These are the pieces, but there is quite a bit of figuring and unraveling to be done to figure out just how things went down.

Interesting about Nightfall is Goodis’ way of following Vanning through the course of the plot, shifting from past memories of the events in Colorado, and then coming back to the present time. All the while there is a level of ambiguity in the air, a sense that we are given some facts but not all is being revealed. During the course of the narrative, we, along with the many other characters, try to absorb the identity of Vanning and come to some conclusions about who he really is. Vanning’s own sense of disillusion and skepticism even keep him in the dark, as he is trying to uncover his true self as well.

At one end, we have the thugs who want answers about the lute. At the other end, we have Vanning. However, in the middle of everything is a beautiful woman named Martha (we aren’t quite sure whose side she is on), and a cop named Fraser. Fraser thinks he has Vanning figured out, but he needs answers as well.

Nightfall is dark, but has more of a cerebral, psychological, understated edge to it. One thing you can always count on out of Goodis: a character driven novel that really digs in to one character and never lets go.

This edition also has a very good introduction that discusses many of Goodis' other works as well as his life.

Nightfall by David Goodis and narrated by Larry Withers

I finished this moody and vintage tale yesterday and found it quite absorbing.
The story builds from darkness to hope and redemption in the manner so deliciously typical of post WW II crime novels.
The reluctant hero, a WW II veteran, thinks he is done with violence but he is inducted into a bank heist sequela after stopping to give assistance to victims of a car crash.
Well crafted and stylish, the narration by Larry Withers matches the story beautifully. His voice has resonant depth, and the classic narrator's cool temperature so indicative of film noir and the hard boiled novel.

'Nightfall' is a short novel by David Goodis, written at the height of his career (in the early 1950s). True to form, Goodis focuses on a single character and his angst. This time we have a man who has difficulty remembering the details of his involvement with $300,000 taken in a bank heist. On his tail are the bank robbers and the police. One fully appreciates this man's plight. However this alone didn't capivate this reader. Why?
Authors like David Goodis and Patricia Highsmith who specialise on suspense and apprehension of a leading character (typically a victim or a criminal) succeed when there are additional characters and/or circumstances that 'fill out' the story. However 'Nightfall' is really a one-dimensional story. The author fails to build on an interesting sub-plot involving a police detective, with the help of his wife, chasing our poor central character. Before long I found 'Nightfall' to be a tedious read.
Bottom line: certainly a must read for those into 'noir' fiction. Others will probably find it too dark, depressing and claustrophobic.

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