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For Children

The Bagpiper's Ghost: Tartan Magic, Book Three epub ebook

by Jane Yolen

The Bagpiper's Ghost: Tartan Magic, Book Three epub ebook

Author: Jane Yolen
Category: Literature & Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books; 1st edition (April 1, 2002)
Pages: 144 pages
ISBN: 0152023100
ISBN13: 978-0152023102
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 765
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The Bagpiper's Ghost book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking The Bagpiper's Ghost (Tartan Magic as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

The Bagpiper's Ghost book.

The bagpipers ghost, . New deals hatch every day! The Bagpiper’s Ghost. In Scotland each clan. Magic gone awry was not the only danger here. The Bagpiper's Ghost, . To Debby and Bob, Scottish hosts, without whom, of course. and to Joanne Lee Stemple, who is a MacFadden. Traffic in all of Great Britain drove on the left side of the street, not the right. Mom had drummed and drummed that into them. Jane Yolen, The Bagpiper's Ghost

The bagpipers ghost, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. aboot-about. These days, my work includes writing books with each of my three children, now grown up and with families of their own. With Heidi, I have written mostly picture books, including Not All Princesses Dress in Pink and the nonfiction series Unsolved Mysteries from History. With my son Adam, I have written a series of Rock and Roll Fairy Tales for middle grades, among other fantasy novels. Jane Yolen, The Bagpiper's Ghost. Thank you for reading books on BookFrom.

On a midnight visit to a Scottish cemetery, Peter and Jennifer get caught up in a drama three hundred years dead-a . Book in the Tartan Magic Series).

Book in the Tartan Magic Series).

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Then she realized that within a bubble of magic, time had no meaning. She looked back down at her brother and shook him, but still he didn’t wake.

You can read book The Bagpiper’s Ghost by Jane Yolen in our library for absolutely free. Then she realized that within a bubble of magic, time had no meaning. Putting her head to his chest, she heard a steady thump-thump-thump and was comforted by it. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Me, three, added Molly. Mom! Jennifer and Peter cried out together, their voices eerily similar.

Jane Yolen bibliography. The Bagpiper's Ghost (2002). The Three Bears Rhyme Book (1987, illustrated by Jane Dyer). Bibliography of fantasy writer Jane Yolen:. This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. Contents. The Wizard's Map (1999). The Pictish Child (1999). The Stuart Quartet (with Robert J. Harris). Queen's Own Fool (2000), based on the life of Nichola a jester at the court of Mary, Queen of Scots. Best Witches: Poems for Halloween (1989, illustrated by Elise Primavera). What Rhymes with Moon?

The Bagpiper's Ghost: Tartan Magic Book Jane Yolen.

The Bagpiper's Ghost: Tartan Magic Book Jane Yolen.

In most places, a graveyard is just a place full of tombstones and bones and wilting flowers. But in Scotland, where magic is everywhere, graveyards are something more, something worse. . . . On a midnight visit to the town cemetery, Peter and Jennifer get drawn into a deadly drama three hundred years past, a tale of two star-crossed lovers whose ghosts are furious about the betrayals that neither can forgive.
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I suppose this book is for the 10 to 12 age group. Still for me,51, and a piper it was an enjoyable fun read for a lazy day. I think younger readers will quite enjoy it and pick up some Scottish slang to toss into their conversations.

My daughter loved this book she went through it pretty fast not one day but a couple. Good book though, she enjoyed rereading it. If your kid is into scary books buy this book.

One of three to go to a great granddaughter. All are fine young people's books.

I teach fourth grade. The kids loved this whole series...It teaches about Scottish words as the story develops...its awesome!

Jane Yolen’s The Bagpiper’s Ghost
The White Lady’s ghostly presence draws twins Jennifer and Peter to the graveyard at midnight, which is a “white night” — the short, not completely dark, summer nights of the far north. (The things I learn by reading). Confronting the twin ghosts and a heart-broken piper requires all their courage and intelligence, and the powerful connection of “twin magic.”
I looked up “harling” of stone to protect it and found proof of the wisdom of crafts of old.
I also found myself agreeing with Pop that porridge also has magic. One can’t fight without energy, so I have some nearly every morning. This is third in the wonderful series, which I recommend for ALL ages because it’s that good!

In The Bagpiper's Ghost, we find ourselves once again with Peter and Jennifer (and their younger sister Molly) still on Vacation, visiting their grandmother in Scotland. This is the third (and final, at present) book in the tartan magic series and the events follow not too long after those of the Pictish Child. After a walk and a visit to a cemetery (during the day) the twins decide to sneak out (with the help of their magical dog) and see if they can see ghosts in the cemetery at night. Naturally, they do...or there wouldn't be a story! As with the other two books in the series, Jennifer shines while Peter gets used horribly and this is something that I don't like about this series. The sibling rivalry and jealousy of Peter toward Jennifer because she has exhibited more magical ability than he is natural and welcome...but the constant build up of her skill and ability at the expense of any for her brother is, well, annoying. After three books, maybe he could have been given a bit more to do than sleep and be possessed by someone intent on being selfish and having their way from beyond the grave. Once again, the grandmother and Jennifer save the day and I'm a bit tired of that setup.

In this particular story, we find Jennifer trying to reconcile the three ghosts...a set of twins, where the brother kept the sister from marrying her true love because of social status issues. She died, apparently of a broken heart and the brother went on hypocritically to marry and have a family and lives a long full life...all the things he denied his sister and selfishly continues to deny her even in the afterlife. The third ghost is the lost love...playing the bagpipes nightly for his lost love, not realizing that he's dead. Not a bad premise for the story. As it happens the twins show up and the selfish brother possesses Peter's body and decides that he can get a life back and still keep his sister under his thumb...what will Jennifer and Gran do?

The entire premise is full of charm and I love the magical aspect of the stories...but the timeline is rushed, the characters out side of the grandmother, the dog and Jennifer is lacking...all the other characters are flat and one dimensional, which probably isn't really a problem for the reader level this book is aimed at, it's annoying to me that the rest of the family never gets fleshed out as well. I'd like to see the entire cast of characters more fleshed out and well developed and I'd like the events to be more spaced out...we're talking about a matter of days or weeks on a vacation and three HUGE magical things have already happened. It's just so rushed. Clearly Yolen has left the door open for more books in this series, the conclusion to this story hardly wrapped up the twins magical development and it felt somewhat unsatisfying in that respect. I hope there will be more and we can see both twins develop. Ok, but not great. I give it a B+

The long-awaited third entry in the charming "Tartan Magic" series does not disappoint, offering new kinds of fantasy stories after using wizards and time-travel. This time, it's ghosts.
American twins Peter and Jennifer have hit a rough spot, and are bickering both with each other and with the talking dog. After the dog piques their interest in the "White Lady" ghost, they come to the graveyard at midnight, and see the White Lady (also known as Mary MacFadden) meet the ghost of a bagpiper, Iain McGregor.
But they aren't the only ghosts -- in a centuries-old confrontation, the spirit of the lady's twin brother, Andrew, appears in Peter's body, having helped separate the ancient lovers due to class and religious differences. And once in Peter's body, he doesn't intend to LEAVE. Jennifer and Gran must find some way of getting rid of Andrew, while reuniting Mary and Iiain...
Yolen retains the same charm and sense of pervasive magic in this third story. Writing is delightful, especially the climax. The descriptions of the possessed Peter/Andrew's behavior is absolutely chilling. The dialogue is thoroughly convincing (yes, even the animals like Thunder and the dog), with the distinct Scottish burrs that add the final note of authenticity. (As with the previous two books, there's a word guide at the end of the book, if you can't understand some term or accented word) There isn't much comedy, but the insult wars between the dog and Peter are hilarious. Don't be worried, kids who dislike romance, there is almost no mushiness in this book.
Gran, a delightful old Scottish white witch, is still a great counterpoint to the inexperienced twins. Molly and the parents aren't very present in this one. Jennifer and Peter show a little more difference with each other, as Jennifer realizes just how much she cares about her brother when she risks losing him. The dog is also a good character, intermittently caring and obnoxious, but always enjoyable to read.
A wonderful third instalment, may Yolen write many, many more.

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