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For Children

I Want a Hug epub ebook

by John Rowe

I Want a Hug epub ebook

Author: John Rowe
Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Language: English
Publisher: Minedition (September 20, 2007)
Pages: 32 pages
ISBN: 069840064X
ISBN13: 978-0698400641
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 490
Other formats: mbr lit mbr txt

Rowe, John A. I Want a Hug PICTURE BOOK Penguin, 2007. Little Elvis Hedgehog so badly wants a hug, but everyone he meets says that he is way too prickly.

Rowe, John A. Rejection after rejection hurts his feelings, until he finds someone who is willing to take a chance. I was told correctly-reading this book made me want to hug a hedgehog. A very cute hedgehog and I just wanted to give him a hug the whole time. Poor guy-I completely understand the desire to be hugged and never receiving any.

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John Alfred Rowe’s most popular book is The Jungle Book. I Want a Hug by. John Alfred Rowe

John Alfred Rowe’s most popular book is The Jungle Book. John Alfred Rowe.

I Want a Hug by John A Rowe at AbeBooks. uk Passion for books. I Want a Hug. John A Rowe. uk - ISBN 10: 069840064X - ISBN 13: 9780698400641 - Penguin Young Readers Group - 2007 - Hardcover.

The absence of a Mama Hedgehog may ruffle more convention-minded children (and adults), but the message that differences should be embraced-literally, in this case-is always worth an iteration. Between endpapers filled with couples kissing and embracing among floating hearts, Rowe places a cozy tale of a baby hedgehog in need of a touch of intimacy.

I Want a Hug. by John Alfred Rowe. From the zany imagination of John A. Rowe comes the story of a little hedgehog-like creature named Elvis, who just wants to be hugged. Poor Elvis is so prickly that no one wants to go near him. By John A. Rowe . Did Colin and Elvis become friends at the end of the book or was it just an altruistic act of Elvis to give Colin a hug? Friendship is an extremely abstract concept and is a good starting point for a discussion. Humans are social beings and thrive on human connections.

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Elvis, a prickly, hedgehog-like creature, searches the city, the park, and the forest for someone to give him a hug, but to no avail, until he finds a friend in an ugly crocodile who just wants a kiss.
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My one big problem with it is that when I was reading it, I expected the crowd to not want to kiss the crocidile b/c his teeth were scary (or I thought if the book is about not kissing strangers, then maybe THAT was why). Instead, the text says people didn't want to kiss him b/c he's UGLY...(!) How unfortunate. The hedgehogs 'flaw' was inherent, and had the potential to harm the hugger. But the author makes the crocodile's flaw one of people's perception. It took me off guard; I quickly swapped it out for "his scary looking teeth" when reading it to my son(3, almost 4yo).

The story does teach empathy, and how rejection can really hurt. My son let out an audible "Aww." But there's gotta be better books out there to teach these same things!

The illustrations might be another minor annoyance I'll mention as well. The hedgehog is in a diaper, but nowhere does it say why he's out on his own; so, my son (just 4) wanted to know where his parents were and I couldn't begin to explain it. Then the crocodile, who looks old: my son wanted to know why he wanted to go around trying to kiss people. Even at 3 he understands that hugging someone other than family is fine, but kissing is usually NOT OK.

It was just kinda strange, but sweet too, cause it all works out well for both in the end. For me, I wouldn't read it to kids who can actually read the words for that UGLY comment alone.

This book is about a baby hedgehog who wants a hug. He goes around town asking everyone for hugs, but no one gives him one. He eventually finds a crocodile who is looking for a kiss, and they oblige each other.

Several weird things about this book.

1. The hedgehog is obviously a baby (in diapers). My sons wanted to know where his parents were and why they didn't hug him.
2. The people he asks for hugs don't just say, "I'm sorry, but I can't, your prickles might hurt me." They give the hedgehog mean looks, tell him "Shoo! Go away!", "Certainly not!", "Oooo no!", "Go away!", "Please let go of my leg!", and laugh at him. This is a BABY who is asking for a HUG. So awful. I did not read the actual words to our boys. I made it sound as if the people just said, "I'm sorry, but I can't! The prickles are too sharp!"
3. My sons wanted to know why no one came up with an inventive idea for how to give the hedgehog a hug, such as put a thick blanket on him. There is no creativity about that here.
4. At the end of the book, the hedgehog finds a crocodile who is asking everyone for a kiss. But instead of being wary of his teeth, the people tell the crocodile they won't kiss him because "Oooh no, you're much too ugly!" I was kind of shocked when I read that and told the boys it was just because of his scary teeth.
5. Why is an adult crocodile going around asking random people for kisses?

The hedgehog kisses the crocodile, and the hedgehog gets a hug. It has cute illustrations, but it's too creepy.

This book was wonderful. We do not love unconditionally. Sadly, even babies who do not look like us or belong to our group are subject to judgment. This is a great story on how love shows up in unexpected and surprising ways. All we need is a open heart, mind, and body. A great life lesson!

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