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For Children

Count Karlstein epub ebook

by Philip Pullman

Count Karlstein epub ebook

Author: Philip Pullman
Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Language: English
Publisher: Random House Childrens Books (October 1, 1983)
Pages: 176 pages
ISBN: 0701126493
ISBN13: 978-0701126490
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 898
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Books by philip pullman. The Tiger in the Well.

Books by philip pullman. Once Upon a Time in the North. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Count Karlstein, or the Ride of the Demon Huntsman is the first children's novel written by British author Philip Pullman. It was published in 1982. The story was originally written by Pullman to be performed as a school play at Bishop Kirk Middle School, Oxford, where Pullman was an English teacher. The novel is set in the fictional Swiss village of Karlstein in 1816.

PHILIP PULLMAN is one of the most acclaimed writers working today

PHILIP PULLMAN is one of the most acclaimed writers working today. He is best known for the His Dark Materials trilogy (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass), which has been named one of the top 100 novels of all time by Newsweek and one of the all-time greatest novels by Entertainment Weekly.

When read aloud, Count Karlstein really does come alive and it's a book that will hold many age groups. It is a slightly gothic tale that mixes both tricks and paranormal beliefs, with more traditional behaviour and traditions. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I hope you do too.

Count Karlstein book.

Count Karlstein - The Novel (Paperback). Philip Pullman (author) . Count Karlstein, or The Ride of the Demon Huntsman, was Philip Pullman's first novel for children, published by Chatto and Windus in 1982. It is a wonderful gothic melodrama which he first wrote as a play for school-children when he was an English teacher. with much humour will get a lot of fun from this unusual book" Junior Bookshelf d comic-cum-novel, a gothic pastiche that can be read as simple fun or as a literary lesson" Guardian . Philip Pullman.

Count Karlstein or The Ride of the Demon Huntsman was Philip Pullman's first novel for children published by Chatto and Windus in 1982. Their only hope lies with Hildi a castle maidservant and her fearless brother Peter. Read full description. Count Karlstein - The Novel by Philip Pullman (Paperback, 2007). Brand new: lowest price.

He's headed straight for Castle Karlstein, where the evil count has hatched an evil plan; he'll sacrifice his two young nieces to save himself. Can Lucy and Charlotte outwit their uncle and his oily henchmen to escape their dreadful fate? From the award-winning author of The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife comes a spooky, funny thriller just right for those middle-grade readers looking for horror-and humor.

Sir Philip Pullman, CBE, FRSL (born 19 October 1946) is an English novelist. He is the author of several best-selling books, including the fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials and the fictionalised biography of Jesus, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ. In 2008, The Times named Pullman one of the "50 greatest British writers since 1945". In a 2004 poll for the BBC, Pullman was named the eleventh most influential person in British culture

PHILIP PULLMAN is one of the most acclaimed writers working today. Gr 5-8-Philip Pullman's dark and humorous tale (Knopf, 1998) is set in 1816 in a small Swedish village named for its richest resident, Count Karlstein

PHILIP PULLMAN is one of the most acclaimed writers working today. Gr 5-8-Philip Pullman's dark and humorous tale (Knopf, 1998) is set in 1816 in a small Swedish village named for its richest resident, Count Karlstein. Two young orphan girls, Charlotte and Lucy, must find a way to outwit the conniving and evil Count who is also their uncle.

In the mountains of Switzerland the wicked Count Karlstein plots to abandon his two nieces in a hunting lodge as prey for the Demon Huntsman and his ghostly hounds.
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I am a huge fan of Philip Pullman's work, yes most notably his His Dark Materials trilogy, but his whole YA fiction in general surpasses most Author's attempts. He has a knack for coming up with brilliantly told, well structured and complex plots, filled with more twists and turns than you can shake your fist at. Now apparently, unbeknown to me, Count Karlstein (first published in 1982) was Pullman's very first children's and Young Adult novel. I was extremely eager to read it, as you can probably imagine.

Count Karlstein tells the story of Hildi, a maidservant to the Count. The story is set in a little Swiss village and right from the off, we are told of this awful sinister plot to sacrifice his nieces, Charlotte and Lucy. And so sets off an important string of events as Hildi helps the girls escape and go into hiding, for on All Souls Eve, the demon huntsman himself, will show his wrath and feed upon anyone he crosses.

The story itself is told in three parts. The first and third parts are told in Hildi's perspective, whereas part two is told from multiple characters' points of view. This is an interesting way to do things and actually it works quite well, because we can get to see alternate views about the goings on. You can see why originally, Count Karlstein was actually a play, first devised when Pullman was an English teacher.

Of course, every character in the story has their own story arc, not just about Count Karlstein's plan. For example, Hildi's exiled brother, Peter is on the run from the law and he's in hiding at the Jolly Huntsman, their mother's inn. Peter dreams of winning the shooting contest, where he will be declared a free man and no longer have to worry about the police catching up with him.

There's a whole supernatural element to this story, with a demon huntsman and all and though perhaps the story is a little unoriginal, it has a completely new telling; fresh and very easy to follow. It gives this gothic tale a fantasy element and it is done so subtly that it works very well indeed. But perhaps what also is intriguing is the inclusion of Doctor Cadaverezzi and his Cabinet of Wonders. He is a travelling magician of sorts, performing shows for the locals. There just seems to be a whole variety of characters to take a liking too.

Characterisation plays a huge part in this story. Miss Charlotte and Miss Lucy are obviously upper-class children, acutely educated and speak above their young years. Max, Doctor Cadaverezzi's assistant, is perhaps more common and being an orphan means he had to grown up quite quickly and find work. Miss Davenport adds a touch of feminism into the story and reinforces certain values of what is expected such as morals and standards. But no matter who the characters are, Pullman writes with such wit and humour that it is an absorbing read.

And it is this humour that will attract the children. He creates stupid and slapstick policeman that fall foul of the situation and usually find themselves as the victims of some rather funny pranks. The whole book reads like a yarn or fairytale and this is why when read aloud, the world of magic really comes alive.

Although I did love this book, there were certain parts I felt let the book down. The first of which is that I felt the book had so much potential and actually could have been a little longer, giving some story arcs some more action. Doctor Cadaverezzi and his Cabinet of Wonders are introduced as if they are important to the plot, and although there is a twist here, much, much more could have been done. It felt restricted at times, as if Pullman ran out of ideas. His demon huntsman, who is mentioned throughout, only gets minimal inclusion and a more action-orientated ending could have turned this into a great modern fairytale.

And perhaps more surprisingly I found myself shocked at one piece of language. The violence is actually quite toned down here, often coming across more slapstick than actually sinister and Pullman actually creates more of a thriller through tension and situation rather than the actual fights. But late in to the book, as Count Karlstein, he uses the word "slut" when describing Hildi. This was extremely inappropriate, especially when this book is marketed towards older children.

On the whole though, despite some misgivings, I felt Count Karlstein was a gripping tale, lots of psychological tension used to great effect and a whole cast of characters that are appealing and well voiced. When read aloud, Count Karlstein really does come alive and it's a book that will hold many age groups. It is a slightly gothic tale that mixes both tricks and paranormal beliefs, with more traditional behaviour and traditions. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I hope you do too.

Light out of Fildon
This is one of the funniest books I've read in ages. It's based on the legend of the Wild Hunt and the Demon Huntsman. The story involves plenty of outlandish characters and hilarious incidents. The high point is the shooting match near the end where one very improbable coincidence after another is revealed. Grown-ups, don't miss out on this one. It's not just for children.

Count Karlstein-
Dark, fantasy novels have always been a favorite of mine. That's why I fell in love with Count Karlstein. Count Karlstein, by Phillip Pullman, was an ironic twist of inhumane seriousness and discreet humor. It was very well written and never once was I bored with it. I really enjoyed the writing style, characterization, and plot of Count Karlstein.
Phillip Pullman's use of colorful, vivid words, really brought flair to this story. I loved how he went from total seriousness to laugh out loud funniness. One example of his unique humor, was when Sergeant Snitsch was trying to write a police report on the arrest of Doctor Cadavarezzi. The Sergeant could never seem to get the Doctor's name right, and therefore, he was never arrested. Another situation was when Max tried to enter a competition with the prize of money and the title of being named forest ranger. Max didn't have a musket, so he used his coach horn and a frozen pea for his ammunition. Oddly enough, Max trips while firing his coach horn and the pea collides off the pillars, into the audience and ends up strangling the unsuspecting mayor's wife. Some of the situations in this story were so bizarre I couldn't help but laugh. This and other funny situations led to my great enjoyment in this book.
The characters in this story were so unique, I was amazed. When each new character was introduced, I fell in love with them instantly. Not only were they funny and interesting, they all had a mind of their own. First there was Hildi, the ever so kind, handmaiden who was always there when you needed her. Then there was Count Karlstein, the villain of the story, who always had an evil plan up his sleeve. There was also Snivelwurst, Count Karlstein's assistant, who couldn't stop sneezing and coughing, and was afraid of Count karlstein himself. Doctor Cadavarezzi however was a favorite of mine. He always had a trick to pull, or a pocket to pick, and you had to watch your back; otherwise you could be cheated by this mysterious man.
The eerie plot was what entranced me the most. Count karlstein takes place in a secluded village in the Swiss Alps. There, is Castle Karlstein, owned by Count Karlstein. The maidservant Hildi discovers the Count's horrible plan of disposing of his young nieces, Charlotte and Lucy, so Hildi decides to help them. Hildi hides the girls in the mountain guides hut. Trouble then explodes in the village when the girls appear missing. Several humorous chararacters try to help the girls, and make sure they stay out of harms way. Count karlstein was an awesome book about courage, bravery, and the fight for life. I was amazed at how the carefully woven plot could be scary, yet hysterical. It was almost like you were there, experiencing all the events that took place in the novel. The surprising twists had me engrossed until the very end. I never knew what was going to happen, and I couldn't wait to find out.
Overall, this was a very good book that was well worth the read. Phillip Pullman is my favorite author and I wasn't at all disappointed in reading Count Karlstein. I'd totally recommend this book to anyone who's into dark mystery and fantasy stories. It was an awesome book, with an awesome story line, awesome characters, and Phillip Pullman's writing style was awesome all in this own. This novel held my attention with its writing style, lively characters, and entertaining plot.

I love this book, even though it's less complicated and a little less mature than "The Golden Compass". The characters will entrice you and the Count will make your blood run cold. It was terrific, and a quick read. I found the book amusing, frightening and heart-warming.

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