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For Children

FREDDY GOES FLORIDA (A Freddy Adventure) epub ebook

by Walter R. Brooks

FREDDY GOES FLORIDA (A Freddy Adventure) epub ebook

Author: Walter R. Brooks
Category: Animals
Language: English
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers; 1st edition (April 12, 1987)
Pages: 196 pages
ISBN: 0394988868
ISBN13: 978-0394988863
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 558
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Walter R. Brooks introduced Freddy the Pig in Freddy Goes to Florida. Freddy and his friends from Bean Farm migrate south for the winter, with every mile of the way a terrific adventure complete with bumbling robbers and a nasty bunch of alligators

Walter R. Freddy and his friends from Bean Farm migrate south for the winter, with every mile of the way a terrific adventure complete with bumbling robbers and a nasty bunch of alligators. This is vintage Freddy and the whole ensemble cast at their charming best. Kids Adventures & Detectives Animals & Nature.

In Walter R. Brooks's Freddy Goes to Florida, that's precisely what the thoughtful beasts of Mr. Bean's upstate . Bean's upstate New York farm decide to do. Not wanting to leave the imperfect yet kindhearted farm owner in the lurch, they draw straws to select the lucky travelers. Freddy Goes to Florida is the first of the series, and is where I recommend starting your own adventures with Freddy the Pig. Hats off to Overlook Press for re-publishing these books in their original look.

They visited Palm Beach and the Everglades and Miami and the Big Cypress Swamp. And it was on the way across a corner of the swamp that they had a very exciting adventure. It happened this way. When. they first came to the swamp, most of the animals were afraid and did not want to go into it at all, for it stretched for miles and miles, and there were no roads or paths, and there was no firm ground to walk on, only water and mud and the great twisted, gnarly cypress roots. It was dark, too, because the trees grew so thick

Freddy Goes to Florida by Walter R Brooks (born January 9, 1886, died August 17, 1958) is the first of the Freddy the Pig books.

Freddy Goes to Florida by Walter R Brooks (born January 9, 1886, died August 17, 1958) is the first of the Freddy the Pig books. It was originally published as To and Again (like a precursor to The Hobbit, aka There and Back Again, but with barn animals). After the success of the third book, Freddy the Detective, the first two books were re-named to have Freddy in the title. Freddy is a pig who lives with a variety of other barn animals on Mr. Bean's farm (no, not that Mr. Bean)

Illustrated by Kurt Wiese. Freddy spent nearly all day on the Third looking through his encyclopedia, and trying to find out how far the balloon might be expected to travel before it came down again.

Illustrated by Kurt Wiese. He didn’t look in the encyclopedia very often, and like everything else in his study, which was in the front part of the pigpen, it was pretty dusty

First published between 1927 and 1958, the 26 classic books about Freddy the Pig have delighted five generations of children and are now going on to delight a sixth. Walter R.

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Freddy Goes to Florida (1927) (formerly published as To and Again), is the first of the Freddy the Pig books written by Walter R. It tells how the animals of the Bean Farm traveled to Florida and back again, and their adventures on the way. Freddy was an intelligent pig that lived on the Bean Farm. To avoid the cold winter at their farm in Upstate New York, the animals decided to vacation in Florida. At first Charles the rooster is prevented from joining them by his acerbic wife, Henrietta.

Freddy and the other barnyard animals decide to escape the cold winter by vacationing in sunny Florida.
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This is a book that my sister read, to me, when I was only nine-years-old! I am now 74 years young! This book was originally published under a different title, "To and From Again." My sister, was 2 1/2 years older, and was my only sibling. She passed away in '2003 due to ALS. I was just reflecting on my memories of her, one day, and wanted to find this book, so I could again read the story, which had been one of my favorites, and to remember her, and how she read it to me. I searched in vain, and even posted an inquiry on the internet to find it. Someone posted an answer, saying that they thought that they knew the book that I was searching for. They said that the title had been changed, and that it was now a book entitled, "FREDDY Goes To Florida". I sent for the book, and lo and behold, it is the book that my sister read, to me, 65 years ago! It brings back wonderful memories of her reading bedtime stories to me. I only wish I had noted the name of that wonderful person, who took the time to care about helping me find something that is precious, to me! Wherever you are, "thank you"! It is a wonderful book.

"Florida" is the first and one of the best of the 23-volume Freddy series. The books are very educational. They are suitable for reading to kindergarten-age kids and reading by older kids up to as high as age 14. Brooks is a master at character development. If you child is lucky enough to get hooked, he will discover a comfortable, fun world with magnetic personalities entangled in beguiling plots.

When reading to very young children, expect to have to explain a lot of vocabulary -- not a bad thing at all. Many years ago, I read these to my son and recorded them on cassette tapes. He played them over many, many times, especially when traveling. He developed a love of books that led him to read 54 Hardy Boys volumes while only a third-grader.

This book originally had the innocuous title, "To and Again." Like Howard R. Garris (Uncle Wiggly), Brooks didn't settle on his central character in his first books.

One good way to get into these is via Kindle. A Kindle app on larger phone or tablet is a great option. Kindle is currently the ONLY way to get all of the series. There is a website dedicated to Friends of Freddy that is worth looking up.

BTW, the New York Times speculated that Orwell drew his inspiration for "Animal Farm" from the Freddy series.

My grandson, son, daughter, and I have all enjoyed the Freddy books. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Another good choice is the Oz series, which consists of 15 volumes, beginning with the Wizard of Oz. Those books are for similar ages, but probably no younger than 7. Of course, when the kids are old enough, nothing beats Harry Potter.

As a treat to myself, I bought the entire FREDDY series on Kindle. I read and loved some of these books when I was a kid and now, in my seventies, it's a treat to rediscover them. FREDDY GOES TO FLORIDA is the first in the series. Amazon has them all for sale, either individually or as a complete series for Kindle download. They're delightful, and I recommend them highly. The plots are interesting, the characterizations inventive and charming. I've met many FREDDY fans over the years.

The first in the series of Freddy books...originally titles To and Again, Freddy is a costar / supporting player here..a young pig not yet evolved into the Renaissance Pig protagonist that he quickly became by the third book in the series. The characters were multidimensional and interesting - a trend which continued throughout the entire series. This copy contains the fine Kurt Wiese illustrations which replaced the original artist's work after Wiese became the "official" Freddy artist.

This is the re-released edition of "To and Again," which was the book that started Freddy the Pig on his road to fame. As such, it will go down in history as one of the great American children's tales. It is written for all of us who sometimes want to drop everything, leave the irritations of a job, escape difficult conditions, or simply need a change. It teaches it's lessons of the value of a dream, the nature of adventure and friendship, and the real meaning of home with a characteristic aplomb which will go on to mark all the Freddy books to come, and make them accessible to young and old.
Charles the Rooster was depressed. He was tired of waking up before sunrise to greet the sun, and he hated the cold winter the would be coming all too soon. Then a passing barn swallow explained to Charles about migrating and the excited rooster went to work convincing the rest of the animals to go south for the winter. That wasn't hard, Mr. Bean was a good farmer, but he didn't have the money to keep the barn all warm and cozy. In no time at all everyone (Freddy the Pig, Jinx the Cat, Mrs. Wiggins the cow, Hank the horse, dogs, ducks, mice and even a pair of spiders) are headed down the road to Florida.
They go from one picaresque adventure to another. They get a bit lost, survive kidnapping, and fall in a few rivers. The get to meet the President and find gold. Best of all they reach Florida and spend some wonderful time being lazy and basking in the sun. There they have the biggest adventure of all. Wandering in the Big Cypress Swamp the animals are surrounded by alligators and Charles must pull a trick on the Grandfather of All the Alligators to escape the swamp and begin their trip home. On the way, of course, even more exciting things befall them.
"Freddy Goes to Florida" was written before Freddy really became the star of the series, although he plays a big part here, especially for his inventive mind and wonderful songwriting ability. He is proof that even the chubbiest of pigs is a fine friend and good company. But the reader, young, or old, will find much to enjoy in each of the characters. Even the hen-pecked Charles is worth the price of admission. And the Webbs too, spider-adventurers extraordinaire, will tick your nose too as they ride between Mrs. Wiggins horns.
The lessons of this book are simple, yet incredibly important. That friends are important, that sticking to your word is the right thing to do, and that you are never too small to play a part. That helping others helps one's self. And the perseverance reaches its goal. But the best lessons of all come from Freddy's wonderful songs. "Oh, a life of adventure is gay and free, and danger has its charm; and no pig of spirit will bound his life by the fence on his master's farm....[yet] however they wander, both pigs and men are always glad to get home again."

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