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Winter's Child (Once upon a Time) epub ebook

by Cameron Dokey

Winter's Child (Once upon a Time) epub ebook

Author: Cameron Dokey
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Language: English
Publisher: Simon Pulse (September 8, 2009)
ISBN: 1416975608
ISBN13: 978-1416975601
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 213
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Once Upon a Time Series. 19 primary works, 22 total works. Winter's Child: A Retelling of The Snow Queen.

Once Upon a Time Series. Series is called Once Upon a Time as seen on the covers of the books. It is also known as Once Upon a Time Fairytales. The Storyteller's Daughter: A Retelling of the Arabian Nights. Once Upon a Time" is Timeless. Free-spirited Grac. ore.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Winter's Child (Once upon a Time Series) as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Once Upon a Time is a series of novels published by Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. "Once Upon A Time series". The Once Upon A Time novels are usually new retellings of fairy tales featuring a teenaged heroine. Some of the recurring themes and subjects in the books are romance, magic, fantasy, intrigue, finding true love, and good conquering over evil in the end. Series. The Storyteller's Daughter. Simon & Schuster. Archived from the original on April 1, 2008. Retrieved 2008-10-08.

Year Published: 2007. Once Upon A Time (8) Winter’s Child (Once Upon A Time #8). Year Published: 2012. Year Published: 2009.

Winter's Child (Once Upon a Time) (Mass Market Paperback). Show availability and shipping details. This item: Winter's Child (Once Upon a Time) by Cameron Dokey. by Cameron Dokey (Author). The Diamond Secret (Once Upon a Time) by Suzanne Weyn. Wild Orchid: A Retelling of "The Ballad of Mulan" (Once Upon a Time) by Cameron Dokey.

Winter's Child, the latest book in the Once Upon a Time series, retells the lesser known fairy tale "The Snow Queen". As always, Dokey fills the story with her magical style and vivid storytelling that makes her characters so engaging and the stories so intriguing. Told in twelve parts, Winter's Child is narrated from the point of view of all three main characters, Grace, Kai, and the Winter Child, making for a read that moves quickly and is never boring. The only complaint would be that the novel is too short

A Winter Child does not tread the same paths as the rest of us. The touch of the North Wind lingers on a Winter Child long . Kissed: Belle; Sunlight and Shadow; Winter's Child (Once Upon a Time) Paperback.

A Winter Child does not tread the same paths as the rest of us. The touch of the North Wind lingers on a Winter Child long after the wind itself is gone. Once: Before Midnight; Golden; Wild Orchid (Once Upon a Time) Paperback.

He had followed the Winter Child. Once upon a time is timeless with these retold tales: Beauty Sleep. If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property. It was reported as unsold and destroyed to the publisher, and neither the author nor the publisher has received any payment for this stripped book. This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously.

Henry to his birth mother src. Henry's Once Upon a Time Book, commonly referred to as Henry's Book or simply The Book, is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the first episode of the first season. If you need any help, please see our policies. Reason: Needs after the Curse history.

A Retelling of "The Snow Queen" Free-spirited Grace and serious Kai are the best of friends. They grew up together listening to magical tales spun by Kai's grandmother and sharing in each other's secrets. But when they turn sixteen and Kai declares his love for Grace, everything changes. Grace yearns for freedom and slowly begins to push Kai -- and their friendship -- away. Dejected Kai dreams of a dazzling Snow Queen, who entices him to leave home and wander to faraway lands. When Grace discovers Kai is gone, she learns how much she has lost and sets out on a mystical journey to find Kai...and discover herself.
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Risky Strong Dromedary
More accurately, Kai says he wishes to marry Grace not that he declares his love to her. Neither declares their love--though Kai accuses Grace of not loving him enough. I always eagerly look forward to each new 'Once Upon a Time' story from Simon and Schuster; aside from the well known tales there have been lesser known fairy tales and legends that have gotten spotlighted. When I heard about this one, by Dokey who I have admired for a while, I knew it had to be about the Snow Queen. I suggest heading over to SurLaLune Fairy Tales to read up quickly about the original tale before moving onwards here.

Dokey's rendition of Hans Christian Anderson's lesser known fairy tale The Snow Queen keeps pace well with the original tale, but adds flavor to it to attract new readers. This isn't to say that she follows the story completely and this may yet be one of the farthest from the outcome of the original tale yet to come in this serial of novels.

Like the original tale Dokey splits the story itself into fragments to follow after one or more of the protagonists of the story. Each 'part' is told in first person point of view from either Kai, Grace or Deidre (the Winter Child)'s perspectives and they weave in and out of each other companionably. The short nature of the novel cuts down on a lot of the adventure and spirit that other renditions have (The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey is very well done in this), but it keeps the focus on what's important. I felt the worst for Deidre, she deserved the fate handed to her not at all and she still remained light. I would have liked more about her journey as she mended hearts, but space didn't allow for that it seemed.

Kai and Grace are so well matched you know, almost from the start, it can't be. As a romance this novel doesn't hold up its end at all; there is little chemistry between any of the couples and one romance happens literally in the blink of an eye. Grace worries over marrying Kai, who she has known all of her life (literally), but then in a blink decides to marry someone else she has only just, formally, met? I wanted Deidre to be happy, so the ending fit that at least, it just did not meet any other expectations.

This is one of the weaker 'Once Upon a Time' stories yet produced (I think we're edging close to 20 books now in the series?), but I have hope for the next book in the series, Violet Eyes which is a re-telling of 'The Princess and the Pea'.

Okay so this is a snow that stays relatively true to the Snow Queen fairy tale and for that I absolutely love it. In the wake of some of the other "adaptations" I was worried I had found another dud.

There are so many quotes in this story that I absolutely love. And the way it stayed true to the friendship aspect of the original, just warms my heart. For me this story has never been about romance, but a friend saving a friend and all the better for it being a strong willed girl who does the saving.

I found several twists in this book to be unpredictable, but in a good way because I ended up satisfied. There was one part I found very sad (when you read it, you'll know what I'm talking about). I might have asked for a bit more character development, but I got enough to wish the characters their hearts' desires. Overall, a very enjoyable tale which is actually quite different from the original "Snow Queen" fairy tale. I HIGHLY recommend all of Cameron Dokey's works in this series!

I enjoyed reading this book. It had a lot of unexpected twists and turns. A lovely adventurous read from cover to cover.

deadly claw
this was another one of my favorite books in the ONCE UPON A TIME series-I started reading this series a few years ago and am constantly on the lookout for additional books.

must be good as my Granddaughter read it before and wanted one for her own to read again at another time

Book was a little worse for wear than I thought it would be.

I love this book. I wish it was longer but I'm def getting the other books. Like the retelling of Snow White. A refreshing new look on the old fairytales.

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